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Simplify DNC and TCPA compliance with smart, automated list scrubbing

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Scrub DNC and known litigators

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Scrub DNC and known litigators

Automatically scrub your list against the national Do-Not-Call registry, and known TCPA litigators and serial plaintiffs. Get updates in real time.

Dial with peace of mind

Dial with peace of mind

With over 20 years of experience, helps you mitigate the risk of fines, violations, and lawsuits with the most comprehensive and accurate database anywhere.

Simple, affordable integration

automate your workflow and communications

Simple, affordable integration

PhoneBurner customers get discounted rates and access to a pre-built API that allows for seamless setup. Just plug in your API key and you’re done.


Hit bigger sales goals, faster

Power dial from anywhere

Nothing to download or install. Use any phone or our softphone and dial 60-80 contacts per hour

No awkward pauses

Reduce hangups and start every call with promise. Unlike other dialers, PhoneBurner has no “dead-air” delay after a contact answers.

No dropped calls

PhoneBurner users do not risk incurring TCPA fines and penalties for dropped calls – which do not occur with our software.

Local Caller ID

When prospects see a number they don’t recognize they’re less likely to answer. Dial from local area codes and boost live answer rates.

1-click voicemails

70% of calls go to voicemail. Leave a perfect pre-recorded message every time, without waiting for the beep.

1-click emails

Save time composing follow-ups. Send personalized emails based on the outcome of any call - in one click.

SMS / Text messaging

Boost callbacks and engagement with SMS. Maximize touchpoints with omni-channel outreach via phone, email and text.

Smart lead distribution

Automatically distribute leads based on custom rules you define. Get the right leads, to the right agents, at the right time.

Total transparency

Auto call logging, custom reporting, and call recordings give you the visibility you need over your team’s performance.


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PhoneBurner user Nikolay A.

Nikolay A.

Fantastic Dialer

“Oddly enough in a technology-driven world, there are not as many tools in the calling industry that operate as well as this one does... simplifies and speeds up our lead generation efforts in an incredible way.”

PhoneBurner user Erin M.

Erin M.

Excellent Data Management

"I highly recommend Phone Burner to any company with an inside sales team. The Do Not Call list is amazingly helpful."


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How do I set up the + PhoneBurner integration? will provide you with an API key. Simply add your API key into the PhoneBurner integrations page in your back office to complete the integration.

How does the integration work?

Once the integration is set up, your contact list will be scrubbed against’s known litigators and national Do-Not-Call registry lists. The data is scrubbed in real-time prior to your dial sessions, and PhoneBurner will not call any numbers on these lists.

Can I still add numbers to my own internal DNC list?

Yes. You can maintain your own DNC list inside of PhoneBurner and add/remove contacts as needed. Any phone number on your own Do-Not-Call list will not be dialed.

How do I dial with PhoneBurner?

Select the contacts you’d like to call using our smart lead filters, and launch your dial session. Connect to PhoneBurner using any phone or our softphone. PhoneBurner power dials your contacts, logs calls, leaves voicemails and sends emails in one click, and handles other repetitive workflows, so you have up to 4x more live conversations.

How else does PhoneBurner help with compliance?

Unlike predictive dialers and auto dialers, dropped calls do not occur with our software. As such, our users avoid risk of TSR violations and heavy penalties for exceeding legal thresholds for dropped calls.

Is there a “telemarketers delay”?

No. Unlike predictive and auto dialers which produce a telltale delay as a call is connected to an available agent, PhoneBurner is 100% delay free. You are on the line when the contact says “hello” and can respond immediately.

Can I try PhoneBurner for free?

Yes! PhoneBurner is free to try without a credit card. Start a free trial today.

Make impactful sales conversations. Close more sales deals.

100% free trial. No credit card needed.