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Make mortgage outreach easier and more profitable

Make mortgage outreach easier and more profitable

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Do more of what makes you money

Tired of manually dialing, leaving voicemails, and performing post-call workflows? PhoneBurner handles tedious tasks so you can focus on live conversations and closing deals. Multiply outbound productivity 4x, without borrowers knowing you’re using dialer software.

Native Jungo power dialing app

Jungo dialer integration

Native Jungo power dialing app

Initiate dial sessions right from your CRM. Build lists from Contacts, Loans, Opportunities, and even custom Objects. Drop voicemails without waiting, send 1-click emails based on call outcome, and much more.

Automate call logging and tracking

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Automate call logging and tracking

Get the visibility you need to drive results. Automatically log and record calls. Pull productivity and performance reports to track critical KPIs. PhoneBurner keeps Jungo contacts updated and communications on point.

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“They were up and running day 1, making phone calls like crazy.”

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Shane Miller

Senior VP, OnQ Financial

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Features that save time and close deals faster

Unlimited dialing

Use any phone or headset and pay no-per minute fees.

Local ID

Get more live answers by dialing from local area codes.

Instant connections

No "telemarketer delay" ensures every call starts off on the right foot.

Voicemail drop

Leave perfect pre-recorded voicemails in seconds, without waiting for the beep.

Instant emails

Save time with 1-click email follow-ups based on call outcome.

Jungo auto-logging

Track every call and outcome automatically for effortless contact management.


Monitor every rep’s performance with custom reports, call recording and more.

Simple setup

Get reps up and running fast, and scale as needed.

Collaborative onboarding

Get 1-on-1 support from our award-winning customer care team.

Integration requirements

Conduct dial sessions directly from your CRM. Our Jungo dialing app is available on the Salesforce AppExchange, and is compatible with both Classic and Lightning editions.

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High praise for our Jungo dialing app

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Billy W., Mortgage Assistant

Feel the Burn

“Fantastic! PhoneBurner makes my day move faster and makes outbound calling a breeze. PhoneBurner integrates seamlessly with our Salesforce and Jungo software allowing us to access all of our leads in a highly efficient manner.”

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“Jungo’s native integration with PhoneBurner creates a seamless calling experience.”

FAQs about power dialing within Jungo

To begin you’ll need Jungo and PhoneBurner accounts. Next, find PhoneBurner on the AppExchange and install the app. Follow the prompts to set permissions and settings and complete the installation. Our team is available to help with setup.

From Contacts, Loans, Opportunities, Tasks, Activities, or even custom Objects, select your contacts and click the PhoneBurner button. This will launch your Jungo dialer app, so you can start burning through 60-80 contacts per hour. Use any phone or our softphone to connect.

Think of PhoneBurner as your dial session co-pilot. PhoneBurner handles the tedious tasks like dialing, leaving voicemails, sending email follow-ups, and logging calls. You focus on important live conversations. The dialer is completely customizable so you can automate workflows for any call outcome.

Absolutely. Call activity, call outcomes, notes, and contact data updates are automatically logged and updated in Jungo.

No. You’ll hear your contacts say "hello" and you can reply immediately. With our Jungo dialer, calls are as seamless as if you dialed every contact by hand. You’ll just get more of them done in less time.

Do you have an internet connection? A telephone or headset? You’re all set!

We insist. Start your free trial - no credit card needed - and see why so many mortgage and financial pros love our Jungo dialer.


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