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No telemarketer delay

Grow revenue and save time

Grow revenue and save time

Dialer time-savings

Supercharge outreach productivity

PhoneBurner streamlines repetitive tasks like dialing, leaving voicemails, sending emails, logging calls, and more - so reps spend more time engaged in high-value live interactions. Multiply touch points and close deals faster, without extra effort or additional reps.

Native dialing

phoneburner + integration

Native dialing

Start and monitor dial sessions from your Board View. Use custom dispositions to map actions, statuses, and progress automatically, then watch your records update themselves. All data is synced for seamless workflow automation.

Simple setup and amazing support

pre-built board template

Simple setup and amazing support

Tap into pre-built board templates to simplify setup and get reps up and running quickly. Tailor workflows with disposition integration, and replace repetitive tasks with time-saving automation. Get expert support 12 hours a day, every workday, from our friendly US-based team.

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“They were up and running day 1, making phone calls like crazy.”

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Shane Miller

OnQ Financial

Features that drive dialing and prospecting performance

Unlimited dialing

Get all-in pricing and reach 60-80 contacts hourly with our dialing app.


Great for remote teams. Get superior audio quality. Use any phone or our softphone.

Hear every "hello"

Eliminate dropped calls and awkward pauses so conversations start naturally - every time.

1-click voicemails

Leave pre-recorded voicemails, saving you 30-60 seconds every time

1-click emails

Simplify follow-up and boost engagement with instant emails based on any call result.


Eliminate hassle and extra work with automatic call and activity tracking.

Branded Caller ID

Increase call engagement with branded calling.

Call recordings

Automatically record calls to pinpoint conversion and training opportunities.


Make smart, data-driven decisions with a clear picture of rep performance.

Integration requirements

Conduct dial sessions directly from sales boards, with all data synced automatically.

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What sales pros say about our power dialer

Phil M. headshot

Phil M.

Time and effort multipliers

“PhoneBurner is a top tier sales and prospecting tool. What I like best is the amount of support the organization gives you, as well as the versatility of the platform. Customization!”

Laurie D. headshot

Laurie D.

The #1 sales tool in my arsenal

“PhoneBurner allows me to make as many calls in one hour as I used to make in five hours with other systems. Its simplicity, features, reliable and clear connections, and versatility have placed it as the #1 sales tool in my arsenal.”

FAQs about our dialer integration

First, you’ll need a and PhoneBurner account. Next, install the PhoneBurner app to connect the two, and follow the prompts to complete the integration. Pre-built templates make setup fast and easy, and support or integration onboarding is always available should you need it.

Start and monitor dial sessions from Board View. Make one call into the PhoneBurner bridge using any phone, or connect via browser (softphone).

PhoneBurner power dials contacts, leaves voicemails, sends 1-click emails based on call outcome, logs calls, and automates post-call workflows. You reach up to 80 contacts per hour, maximizing talk-time rather than task time.

Yes. Dispositions in PhoneBurner can be set up to map statuses in Data will then sync seamlessly to keep contact records updated. You can see your records updating automatically.

No. There is no awkward pause or delay, so contacts will think you dialed them by hand.

Absolutely. Start your no-obligation free trial without a credit card today, and watch your outbound efficiency soar.

Yes! Simply visit this link and you will be given 14-days of free access and begin designing your Work OS.


Have more conversations. Close more deals.

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