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Nimble platform with PhoneBurner's dialer integration
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Native integration

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No telemarketer delay

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Automatic call logging

Simplify outreach with smart call software

Simplify outreach with smart call software

Power dial session within Nimble

Dial right from Nimble

Built by the Nimble team to ensure a seamless dialing and workflow experience, the PhoneBurner integration helps you engage in high-efficiency, human-centric outreach. Streamline calls and follow-ups, and effortlessly keep contacts up-to-date.

Reach more contacts, faster

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Reach more contacts, faster

Want to connect with more contacts and build relationships faster? PhoneBurner increases outreach productivity up to 4x. Better yet, connections are as seamless as if you dialed by hand. No pause. No awkward silence.

Higher live answer rates

Agent using PhoneBurner integration to connect with leads

Higher live answer rates

PhoneBurner is faster than a click-to-call, with live answer rates that really sizzle. Reduce the risk of spam flags with the first and only dialer with a Tier 1 phone carrier. Just like Nimble, PhoneBurner prioritizes relationships, trust, and quality conversations.

Save time on tedious tasks

Nimble dialing automation with PhoneBurner

Save time on tedious tasks

Leave voicemails and send emails in 1 click. Automatically log call activities, schedule follow-ups, advance contact stages, and activate post-call workflows. Nimble + PhoneBurner ensures no lead goes unattended and every opportunity for engagement is maximized.

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“It turned my 2 reps into, arguably, 4. They love it.”

Joe Morford, Milestone Inc.

Seamless Nimble dialing & follow-up

Unlimited dialing

Pay no per-minute fees with our Nimble dialing platform.

Reduced spam risk

Get the only dialer with a Tier 1 carrier for superior quality and deliverability.

Hear “hello”

Unlike other platforms, PhoneBurner has no awkward “telemarketer's delay”.

1-click voicemails

Save 30-60 seconds every time you reach voicemail.

Instant emails

Boost callbacks and engagement with 1-click emails based on call result.

Eliminate manual entry

PhoneBurner logs calls and automatically updates records and contact stages.

AI noise cancellation

Remove disruptive background noise with our Krisp-integrated softphone.

Call monitoring & coaching

Record calls and listen live with Listen-In, Whisper coaching, and Barge.

Expert Onboarding

Get award-winning support and account setup and ROI quickly.

Integration requirements

Dial directly from the Nimble CRM with our native dialer integration

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Nimble dialer FAQs

Our Nimble dialer integration requires a Nimble account and a PhoneBurner account. Head over to your Settings in Nimble and find the Integrations page to enable the PhoneBurner integration. You'll be prompted for a token, which you'll need to generate in PhoneBurner. Once you enter the token in Nimble, you'll be ready to go!

You'll dial directly from your Nimble CRM. Select contacts from views in your Contacts tab (including Segments to help with targeting). From there, click “Actions” then “Create Dial Session” to launch your call campaign.

PhoneBurner lets you spend more time talking to contacts and less time engaging in repetitive tasks. Our integration handles dialing, leaving voicemails, sending emails, scheduling follow-ups, logging calls, and advancing contact stages based on call outcomes.

Yes! You can customize Call Statuses to not only accurately log each call, but to perform important workflows based on each call outcome. Learn more about setting up automations.

We've got you covered! Detailed setup instructions are available here, along with video modules inside of PhoneBurner. Prefer to talk to someone? Our award-winning US-based support team provides fast, friendly assistance by phone or email every business day.


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