4x connections with Sugar's #1 power dialer

Maximize live conversations and minimize tasks with PhoneBurner + SugarCRM

SugarCRM platform with PhoneBurner's dialer integration
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Native Sugar integration

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Delay-free connections

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Automatic call logging

Smart call software that grows revenue

Smart call software that grows revenue

Power dial SugarCRM contacts

Reach more contacts, faster

Calls don't close deals. Conversations do. PhoneBurner helps reps improve connection rates and engage with up to 4x more leads, every time they dial. Make more calls, book more meetings and close more deals with PhoneBurner.

Dial without leaving Sugar

SugarCRM dialer integration

Dial without leaving Sugar

Launch dial sessions directly from Contacts, Leads, and Targets. Calls are logged and contact records are updated, automatically. Leverage workflows to build multi-step follow-up sequences based on previous call outcomes.

Automate tedious tasks

Autolog calls and streamline workflows

Automate tedious tasks

You focus on conversations. We'll handle everything else. PhoneBurner dials, drops voicemails, sends emails and SMS based on call outcome, logs calls and more. Eliminate boring tasks and turn leads into revenue, faster.

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“Simply incredible. The productivity gains go WAY beyond those focused on by PhoneBurner!”

Dennis M.W.

Features for next-level outreach in Sugar

Unlimited dialing

Pay no per-minute fees. Make calls from anywhere, with any phone or a headset.

Hear every “hello”

Eliminate dropped calls and awkward pauses so conversations start naturally - every time.

1-click voicemails

Leave pre-recorded voicemails, saving you 30-60 seconds every time

Instant emails & SMS

Trigger personalized emails and texts based on the outcome of any call in one click.


Make smart, data-driven decisions based on KPI reporting and analytics.

Branded Caller ID

Reduce the risk of spam flags and boost live answers with branded calling.

Call monitoring & coaching

Record calls, and listen live with Listen-In, Whisper coaching, and Barge.

Sugar auto-logging

Save time and hassle with automatic logging of notes, call activities, and outcomes.


Get expert assistance setting up your account and ROI quickly.

Integration requirements

Dial directly from the SugarCRM with our native dialer integration

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FAQs about our SugarCRM dialer

The dialer integration requires a SugarCRM account, a PhoneBurner account, and the PhoneBurner for Sugar Integration. Once you register for the integration, instructions will be provided to help install and configure the integration.

Dial directly from Contacts, Leads, and Targets List Views in your SugarCRM. Filter and select a list to call, click the "Begin PhoneBurner Session" and you're off to the races.

PhoneBurner dials for you, drops 1-click voicemails, sends emails and texts based on call outcome, and automates call logging and other post-call workflows. With time-consuming tasks handled, reps can look forward to more live conversations, more callbacks, and more closed deals.

Yes, automatically. As you make calls, your SugarCRM contact records are instantly updated to reflect call activity, notes, call outcomes, and more.

No. Unlike other software, connections with PhoneBurner are 100% delay-free. The experience is as seamless as if you dial your contacts by hand.

Absolutely. Sales leaders love our platform because it delivers the oversight needed to keep teams performing at their peak. Get reps on board quickly, scale best practices that win deals, and leverage reports, analytics, and live coaching tools.

From setting up your integration to making the most of PhoneBurner's powerful feature set, we've got you covered. Get friendly support from an award-winning US-based customer care team from day one.

Yes! PhoneBurner and the PhoneBurner for Sugar integration are both available to try absolutely free. Get started today and experience the time-savings and performance enhancements for yourself.


Have more conversations. Close more deals.

Get started with a free trial. No credit card needed.