Master PhoneBurner

Build pipeline faster with disposition-based SMS

Featuring Jeff


Join Jeff Osness, PhoneBurner’s master trainer, as he walks you through how to successfully create a new disposition button that triggers SMS messages to your prospects to book demos or set crucial follow up meetings.



  • 1:25 Meet your hosts
  • 4:20 Agenda
  • 5:30 PhoneBurner feature: Call agent transfer dial keypad
  • 7:23 PhoneBurner feature: Number monitoring 
  • 9:34 SMS texting facts
  • 12:17 PhoneBurner feature: Texting with disposition buttons
  • 18:50 PhoneBurner feature: Tools to monitor SMS usage
  • 20:24 Tips from Jeff Osness, PhoneBurner’s master trainer
  • 22:50 How to send prospects a text message to book a demo 
  • 23:33 Navigating to dispositions from the “My Team” page
  • 24:50 Creating the SMS message in the “vPhone” settings
  • 26:54 Creating the new SMS message
  • 28:43 How to use personalization codes with SMS messages
  • 30:05 Adding the SMS message to your disposition buttons
  • 31:18 Live example using SMS message disposition while dialing
  • 40:15—END Q&A