Expert Series

Reduce the risk of being marked as Spam and Scam to increase live answer rates

Featuring Chris


Spam calls have eroded trust between consumers and legitimate businesses who need to make important, wanted outbound calls. In this webinar, our panel of PhoneBurner experts will show you how to restore that trust in your brand, fortify the reputation of your phone numbers, reduce the risk of “Spam” and “Scam Likely” flags, and improve the quality and duration of your conversations. It’s time to get more calls answered.



  • 0:00 Meet the speakers: Lindsey KoneffKlatt (VP of Sales at PhoneBurner), Carly Kooperman (Carrier and Industry Relations at PhoneBurner), and Chris Sorenson (Chief Commercial & Product Officer at PhoneBurner)
  • 4:19 What would scam calls have been like 150 years ago when the first telephones came online?
  • 6:24 Tampa Bay and spam calls—what’s the connection?
  • 8:13 The problem of spam calling isn’t just in the US, it’s global
  • 8:50 How is it possible to have so many spam calls?
  • 10:00 Phone calls take precedence over anything else happening on your phone
  • 10:50 Phone is the preferred communications channel
  • 11:50 We’re competing against bad actors for someone’s time and attention 
  • 12:40 A look at the specific tactics legitimate businesses have to compete against
  • 14:20 Hiya, TNS, and First Orion stand in the way of bad actors with reputational analytics algorithms
  • 15:22 We can’t deploy the same tactics as bad actors, we have to do things differently 
  • 15:49 What are the countermeasures we can deploy? Analyzing four dimensions of options
  • 18:25 Tactics legitimate businesses have to fight against from bad actors
  • 21:45 A recap of calling best practices
  • 25:00—END Q&A