Expert Series

How to increase your live answer rates with PhoneBurner

Featuring Chris


In this webinar, the PhoneBurner team explores the issues associated with “Spam” and “Scam Likely” calls. Learn why there are so many spam calls being made, the negative influence that bad actors have on legitimate business calls, and specific tactics you can use to help ensure your calls aren’t incorrectly labeled as “Spam” or “Scam Likely.”



  • 0:19 Meet the speakers: Chris Sorenson and Carly Kooperman 
  • 1:17 Tampa Bay spam call anecdote
  • 3:30 The spam call problem is global
  • 4:40 Understanding why there are so many spam calls
  • 5:42 Incoming phone calls take precedence over everything else happening on your phone
  • 6:16 The good news is that phone is the preferred communication channel for consumers
  • 7:00 We’re competing with bad actors for the same resource: someone’s time and attention
  • 7:27 Tactics we’re up against 
  • 10:01 Meet the companies fighting bad actors—Hiya, TNS, and First Orion 
  • 11:15 The countermeasures and tactics you need to use to fight back
  • 12:46 Number strategy with PhoneBurner-owned numbers 
  • 16:59 Number strategy with customer-owned numbers
  • 18:40 Meet PhoneBurner’s industry and carrier-relations head, Carly Kooperman
  • 20:10 PhoneBurner wants to be an advocate on your behalf to help with the scam call issue
  • 20:40 Best practice: Optimize your calling strategy 
  • 23:30 The bad actors and the market are constantly evolving
  • 24:00 PhoneBurner can help you