Expert Series

How to leverage Live Voicemail to increase answer rates

Featuring Chris


Chris Sorensen, PhoneBurner's CEO connects with Lydia Hutchison, an outbound sales leader and coach and to answer, "What is Live Voicemail?", "Why should sales leaders care about Live Voicemail?", "How do I use Live Voicemail to increase answer rates?" and "What is the best case and worst case scenarios for Live Voicemail?".



00:24 The Goal

01:20 What is Live Voicemail?

02:36 Why should Sales Teams care about Live Voicemail?

06:28 What about people who stop leaving voicemails?

09:10 Do I have to leave a Live Voicemail on every single call?

11:05 Why aren't multi-line dialers talking about Live Voicemail?

13:05 Why use PhoneBurner to call 1-to-1 rather than a click-to-call dialer?

14:20 What steps can Sales Leaders take to prepare?

18:58 What is worst & best case scenario when it comes to Live Voicemail?

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