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Auto Dialer vs Power Dialer

autodialer_vs_powerdialerIn our last post about the different types of phone dialers, we reviewed Power Dialers vs Predictive Dialers.

While a Predictive dialer might help you reach more people, when it comes to quality, better connections with prospects, and greater control control, a Power Dialer like PhoneBurner is a clear winner.

Today, we’ll compare Power Dialers with another type of dialer: the Auto Dialer.

What is an Auto Dialer?

I’ll answer that question… with a question.

Have you ever been busy, going about your day, when the phone rings and your caller ID is emblazoned with a name and number you don’t recognize? But you pick up the phone anyway – already on guard – only to have your “Hello?” met with a short pause?

To your dismay, there’s no living, breathing, human being on the other end of the line. Instead, an energetic recorded voice is blaring at you about your credit card bill… or a medic alert system that you qualify for… or… you know the rest.

angry at auto dialerAngrily, you hang up the phone, wishing you never picked it up in the first place, as the computer moves on to some other poor soul whose name landed on the same list yours did.

If this experience sounds familiar, you’ve already been on the other end of Auto Dialer software.

An Auto Dialer is simply a computer or software that automatically calls numbers, determines whether it has reached a voicemail or live answer, and can either leave a message or connect the call to an agent.

Benefits of an Auto Dialer

An auto dialer can reach a lot of people, efficiently, and largely without the need for sales reps. That is, at least, until a prospect identifies themselves as “interested” by pushing a button… allowing reps to spend more time closing sales.

Auto dialers are also an effective way to disseminate information such as school closures, or political announcements, without the need for an employee. That makes them a very cost effective tool.

Another benefit of using an Auto Dialer is not having to endure the wrath of the person whose dinner you just interrupted.

Auto Dialer Disadvantages

Just like Predictive Dialers, with an Auto Dialer there’s often a dead giveaway that it’s a sales call — a delay between the time a prospect says “Hello?” and when the recorded greeting actually begins.

As far as relationship building and prospect nurturing goes, Auto Dialers are no match for Power Dialers, which give full control to a real person who is there 100% of the time. That means no “telemarketer delays” and no greeting live prospects with a recorded message.

PhoneBurner does allow you to:

  1. Leave a pre-recorded message when you reach a voicemail
  2. Play a recording during your sales call. For example, you can have a client record a testimonial and use that as a sales tool during your call while you remain in complete control. You might say, “I just helped another mechanic in Monroe increase sales by 12% in 30 days with this software. Here listen to this quick message from the owner…”

Another disadvantage of Auto Dialers vs Power Dialers is the “one-message-fits-all” approach. Everyone who picks up the phone hears the same message.

A Power Dialer, on the other hand, allows the seller to tailor the message to a prospect based on research, notes from previous calls, or other data that’s visible within the dialer window. That means personalized pitches and stronger interactions.

Think a Power Dialer is right for you? Click the link below to take a test drive.

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  • Joe Blow

    You may want to have someone do a spell check, or a QA before you post.

    “Everyone who picks up the phone here’s the same message.” Literally means – “Everyone who picks up the phone here is the same message.”

    Nice editing, guys!

    • Thanks for catching the error. we have updated the article and appreciate you taking the time to not only read the article but to let us know about the mistake.

  • Bill Bateman

    I’m fond of both and they both have their place. With Auto Dialers I’m only using them to broadcast a message to current customers/clients and/or broadcast to answering machines. If you are going to make a live call – a Power Dialer is the only logical choice is you have to make more than a very few calls a day.