Auto Dialer vs Power Dialer: The Difference and Obvious Choice

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What is an Auto Dialer?

Advantages of an Auto Dialer:

Disadvantages of an Auto Dialer:

What is a Power Dialer?

Advantages of a Power Dialer

Disadvantages of a Power Dialer

Dialers are a must for organizations that make high volumes of sales calls. Today, they've become sophisticated enough to manage a sales team’s lead generation, qualifications, and customer retention.

Phone dialers let you rapidly call prospects and improve calling efficiency by automatically dialing your prospects for you. The quicker you can call people, the more people you can call, and the more sales you can make. Simple enough.

So what kind of phone dialer should you get?

There are two primary types of phone dialers: auto dialers and power dialers, so let's compare the two to help you find the right kind of dialer.

What is an Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer is a computer or software program that automatically calls numbers, determines whether it has reached an answering machine or a person, then leaves a message or connects the call to an agent.

Let us explain what it’s like to receive a call from an automated dialer.

  1. You get a phone call from a name and phone number you don’t recognize. If you choose to answer the call, your “Hello?” is met with a short pause.
  2. Then, to your dismay, there isn’t even a live person on the other end of the line. Instead, a recorded voice exclaims that you’ve been approved for a new credit card.
  3. You hang up the phone and wish you never picked it up in the first place. If this sounds familiar, you’ve experienced an auto dialer.

Although the auto dialer is not great for building a connection with prospects, let’s dive deeper into its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of an Auto Dialer:

  • Auto dialers can efficiently reach a lot of people without the need for any human effort. This means that an actual sales rep is only needed once a prospect shows interest. This allows sales reps to spend more time closing sales.
  • It’s a good tool to disseminate information — like school closures or political announcements — without the need for an employee. That makes it a very cost-effective dialer.
  • Because it’s automated, you won’t have to endure the wrath of the person whose dinner you just interrupted.

If you want to send automated messages to tons of people and only have sales agents speak to those who show interest, that's what an auto dialer is primarily good for.

Disadvantages of an Auto Dialer:

  • Just like predictive dialers, auto dialers have a delay between the time a prospect answers to the moment the recorded greeting begins. This makes it obvious that it’s a sales call.
  • All calls will begin with a recorded greeting. Most people do not enjoy listening to automated messages and will end the call immediately.
  • Auto dialers use the same message for every person who picks up the phone. There is no personalization which makes prospects feel like you don't care about them.

We generally recommend not using auto dialers to try to increase your sales. It may help you reach a higher call volume, but dramatically hurts your chances of converting a sale.

What is a Power Dialer?

A power dialer is dialer software that provides real-time live connections without pauses or delays. The agent is on the line the entire time and can begin speaking immediately when a prospect answers. The software can dial pre-selected leads for the agent, drop voicemails and send emails in one click, log calls, automate post-call workflows, and perform other time-consuming tasks. The agent is in control the entire time.

Advantages of a Power Dialer

  • Prospects always speak to live sales reps. There will never be a delay at the beginning of the call.
  • Dialing efficiency. Power dialers are the most efficient system for calling prospects with live agents. As soon as a sales rep is ready, the power dialer calls the next contact.
  • Simple CRM integration. Power dialers come with a CRM system that integrates with many popular CRM programs, making it easy to sort, search, and segment your contacts.

Power dialers, like PhoneBurner, also have some useful features like:

  • Playing testimonials during your sales call. For example, you can use a recorded client testimonial as a sales tool during your call while you remain in complete control.
  • Leaving a pre-recorded message when you reach a prospect’s voicemail, so you send the exact message you want with just a single click.
  • Skipping past each prospect’s voicemail, so you don’t have to listen to the recording or wait for the beep when dropping your message.
  • Sending emails based on the call result, to maximize outbound prospecting efficiency and effectiveness, any call can end with a fully personalized email sent in seconds.

Disadvantages of a Power Dialer

  • You reach fewer prospects than auto dialers. Power dialing focuses on having a live rep for every moment of every call, so no calls can be made when agents are busy.
  • They connect less qualified prospects to sales reps. With auto dialers, each prospect has to show interest before speaking to a salesperson. Since no such action takes place with power dialers, the salespeople speak to more leads that have no interest in their product or service.

While auto dialers have a one-message-fits-all approach, power dialers allow sellers to tailor messages to each specific prospect based on research, notes from previous calls, or other visible data in the dial window. That means personalized pitches and stronger interactions.

If you want to make better connections with your leads and turn more of them into paying customers, a solid power dialer is a great choice.

Do you think a power dialer is right for you? Try PhoneBurner for free. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to install and you don’t even have to provide a credit card.

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