How FreeCallerRegistry Helps Businesses Reduce Spam Flag Risk

Carly Kooperman

April 4, 2024

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The humble telephone remains a cornerstone of business communications—continuing to reign supreme as a way to build relationships and drive business growth.

However, in a landscape rife with spam calls, legitimate businesses face a persistent challenge:

“How can I keep my numbers clean and ensure that my calls reach their intended recipients without interference?”

To maximize the success of this critical communication channel, it is imperative for sales and outreach teams to make number reputation a priority.

Enter FreeCallerRegistry—one of the most powerful tools available to safeguard your number reputation and reduce your risk of flags. Below, our team shows you how this invaluable resource can revolutionize your outbound operations, especially when used in conjunction with our industry-leading power dialer.

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What is FreeCallerRegistry?

FreeCallerRegistry is an online portal run in partnership with the major U.S. carriers—T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon—and their respective “Analytics Engines” First Orion, Hiya, and Transaction Network Services.

By registering, you provide data that helps affirm that your calls are valid and should go through to their subscribers. This information is sent directly to the 3 engines, and upon review and approval, assists with their call deliverability and spam/scam flagging frameworks.

As highlighted on the registry, the service:

  • Is free and easy
  • Impacts calls to 200,000,000 US wireless customers
  • Supports the reputation of your phone numbers
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Benefits: Enhancing Call Delivery & Boosting Reputation

Enrolling in the FreeCallerRegistry is one of the most effective measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of "Spam Likely" or "Scam Likely" and similar labels being applied to your numbers. This has the benefit of improving call deliverability and boosting live answer rates—so your team members talk to more prospects.

By registering your numbers and information, you send a powerful signal to the carriers that you are a legitimate entity making legitimate phone calls. Think of it as a hoop that “bad actors” can’t jump through.

Registering your numbers helps you establish and enhance your reputation across the networks. This not only reduces the risk of flags in the short-term, but also delivers long-term benefits. As you continue to make calls and practice good call etiquette, your reputation grows stronger.

Add new numbers that you purchase or use in your outreach to the registry to gradually build a collection of numbers the carriers will recognize and trust. It’s hard to overstate the value this can bring to your organization.

Homepage of FreeCallerRegistry

How to: A Step-by-Step Guide for Registering

Utilizing FreeCallerRegistry is a straightforward process. Here is how to use their online portal to register your phone numbers:

  1. Visit the registry and click the “Register Here” button to begin
  2. Add up to 20 numbers (or download their template for more)
  3. Choose a call “Category” and add your contact information and submit

Your submission is sent simultaneously to all 3 Analytics Engines, so they can independently vet your information, follow up with you if necessary, and hopefully approve your submission.

As a PhoneBurner customer, we can save you the hassle by registering all of your PhoneBurner numbers for you (including any new local numbers you purchase going forward).

Optimization: Ongoing Number Reputation Management

While registering your numbers is an important first step in safeguarding your reputation, there are several things to consider for ongoing reputation management. We’ve listed a few of the most important below, along with details on how PhoneBurner can make them easier to accomplish.

Add New Numbers

As you purchase or use new local numbers in your outreach, you should register them to your organization. A library of numbers is an asset, and delivers increased flexibility to ensure a smooth and successful outbound operation.

If you’re using PhoneBurner, we can provide you with new business numbers dedicated to outreach. Our Local Presence feature can also make sure you’re calling prospects from numbers with area codes they recognize anywhere you have a business presence - making them more likely to pick up and answer.

Remediate Unwarranted Flags

If a number you’ve registered gets flagged, don’t get rid of it. Contest the flag with carrier(s) directly, providing evidence to show the label was undeserved. Doing so demonstrates a commitment to maintaining high standards of communication, and goes a long way in safeguarding your long-term number health.

When you use PhoneBurner, our experts can negotiate directly with the carriers to remediate flags on your behalf.

Engage in Healthy Call Practices

Registering with FreeCallRegistry doesn’t give you free reign on the networks, nor does it guarantee your numbers won’t be flagged. Reasonable and consistent call practices and healthy call engagement metrics are critical to support number reputation.

We’ve designed PhoneBurner to support ethical calling practices that allow teams to improve their efficiency while staying on the right side of key compliance regulations that could impact their number reputation. Learn more by reading about our Responsible Communications Initiative.

Infographic outlining do's and dont's regarding spam flags on phone calls

Take Control of Your Number Reputation

Ready to safeguard your number reputation? Want to give your business the best shot at connecting with prospects and eliciting trust? Incorporate FreeCallerRegistry into your workflow today and start protecting your numbers.

Don’t want to go it alone? From FreeCallerRegistry registration, to flag mitigation and remediation, PhoneBurner’s industry leading platform and dedicated Trust & Safety team can go to work for you.

Leverage our deep carrier relationships and comprehensive number reputation support to multiply your live conversations and engage in wildly effective outreach.

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FreeCallerRegistry FAQs

Who runs the FreeCallerRegistry?

FreeCallerRegistry is a partnership between First Orion, Hiya, and Transaction Network Services, the "Analytics Engines" that support the leading wireless carriers in the US.

How do you register with the FreeCallerRegistry?

Visit the registry to submit your telephone number(s) and contact information and affirm that your calls are legitimate. Your submission is simultaneously sent to the “Analytics Engines” for the major wireless networks in the US for vetting and approval.

If you're a PhoneBurner customer, we can register your PhoneBurner numbers for you. Additionally, any extra numbers you buy will be registered automatically, saving you the trouble of taking any further action.

Does approval reduce my risk of being flagged?

Yes. If approved, your submission “establishes a relationship that becomes a key data point for Analytics Engines” that “supports the reputation of your phone numbers” which can reduce the risk that your calls will be flagged.

Does approval guarantee that my numbers won’t be flagged?

No. Approval is a “key data point” and a positive signal, however complex algorithms are used to apply flags. Maintaining healthy numbers depends on a myriad of factors that include consistent and reasonable call patterns and healthy call engagement metrics.

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