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How to Respond When a Prospect Says “Send Me More Info”

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

how to respond to "Send me more info"

Sometimes it happens right at the beginning of a call.

Other times it happens after you’re 10 minutes into your pitch.

Sometimes it means the prospect isn’t interested and wants off the call.

Other times it means they are interested and genuinely want more info.

So how does one respond to such a vague, and multi-intentioned request?

How you play it can be the difference between a dead deal and a hot prospect. So today, we’ll give you some tips on how to best respond.

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Okay, back to our regularly scheduled article. Here are some tips on how to best reply to the all-too-common “Can you send me more info?” request.

1. Consult your inner prospect “translator”

As already stated, “Can you send me more information?” can mean several different things.

It could mean:

  • The prospect is just plain busy and doesn’t have time to talk
  • The prospect is not at all interested and is blowing you off
  • They aren’t the decision maker and want info to bring to their boss/team
  • They don’t fully understand everything and want to review
  • They understand, but aren’t quite sold
  • They like what they hear but are evaluating competitors
  • And so on…
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Naturally, you’d respond quite a bit differently depending on which it is.

Use context to decipher what this question is likely telling you. Everything from tone, to how early in the call you hear it, to the content of the discussion that precedes it should help clarify why they are asking this question.

2. Respond affirmatively, and then….

First things first: if there is one thing you have plenty of, it is information. Ergo: “Yes! I would be happy to send you more information! Could I have (or verify) your email address?”

But then, you very sweetly stick your foot inside that still-cracked door to keep it open a little longer by asking this critical question, “So I can be sure to send you the most relevant information for your needs, can I just ask…”

What follows depends on the context of the conversation thus far (ie. your prospect translator).

Feel like they’re brushing you off? Or just too busy to talk? Confirm that they’re a fit for what you’re selling. If they don’t have an existing need or pain point that your product solves, then you may be wasting time or money pursuing them.

Feel like there’s interest but they’re not quite sold? Find out what about your product resonates the most with them. That will tell you what information to send, as well as how to tailor your approach going forward.

Feel like they are confused or unsure about something? Try to unearth their questions or objections so you can offer clarification, as well as send the most helpful information.

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Bottom line? Ask a question that both confirms there’s a path forward and identifies the kind of information that can get you there.

3. Discover if there is another decision-maker

Many product decisions, both business and consumer, are made by multiple decision makers.

By asking something like, “Will you need to talk with your team (or partner or spouse, et al) before making a firm decision?” you can further understand what information (and process) will be necessary to advance the sale.

4. Set a concrete time to follow-up

By this point, if your prospect is still on the phone with you and still forthcoming with answers to your questions, they may be qualified after all.

Reiterate that you will be sending over the requested information and make it clear that you’re looking forward to a follow-up after they’ve had some time to review.

Be ready with a suggested date and time to continue the conversation.

5. Track the information

How often do we send an email with a document, video, or web resource and wonder if it was ever reviewed?

Basic email tracking is helpful, but doesn’t offer much clarity. Knowing your email was opened, for example, doesn’t mean someone read it.

PhoneBurner’s SmartSender email tracking makes it easy to send one or more resources (a link, a PDF, and a video, for example) and see exactly when your prospect views each one. You can even see how long they view the video.

This makes for smarter, well-timed follow up that can really make a difference.

Wrapping up how to respond to “just send me more info”

There’s no clear cut response when someone asks you to send more information. That line can mean too many things. But, there is a clear path forward that involves clarifying interest, determining what information is appropriate, and following up in a timely manner.

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Here’s how to give yourself the best chance at success”

  1. Consult your inner prospect translator
  2. Agree but ask for appropriate clarifications
  3. Determine who is making the decision
  4. Set a concrete time to follow up
  5. Track that the information requested reaches its target