Our SmartSender Takes Lead Tracking & Follow-up to the Next Level

Jeff Osness

April 25, 2024

6 min

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Lead nurturing and follow-up is absolutely critical to sales success.

PhoneBurner's proprietary SmartSender technology promises to help you track, follow-up, and market to your leads in groundbreaking new ways... and offers you new opportunities to engage contacts and close deals.

While powerful in its potential, SmartSender is incredibly easy to use.

It's available now and is included with all Unlimited and team accounts.

What is SmartSender?

SmartSender is a new section in your back office where you can create, upload, and organize a library of resources to use in your marketing efforts.

These include documents (ie. .doc, .pdf, .ppt), images, videos, audios, or even links to a web page, whitepaper, or webinar.

With the click of a button, SmartSender lets you email these resources - either individually or grouped together into a "SmartPack" - and track when your leads actually open them, for dynamic new follow-up opportunities.

A Practical Example

Let's say you'd like to send contacts:

  1. a PDF brochure
  2. a video
  3. a link to case studies on your website

First, add each of these resources to your library. Next, create a SmartPack which group these three resources together.

screenshot 2

Now, with the click of a button you can send all three resources in an email.

It's like an attachment, but so much better...

A clickable link in your email sends your prospects to a professional, well-organized "pickup page" that makes viewing and interacting with your resources faster and easier.

screenshot 3

Next Level Follow-up‍

When your prospect views the document, clicks the link, or watches the video, you're notified by email and in your activity log.

Screenshot 5

This provides you with unique and powerful follow-up opportunities, in which your response can be directly related to the actions your contacts have, and have not taken. For example, as soon as you see that your contact has watched your video you could email them this...

Hey Leonard,

Alan here from Blink Connect.

It was great talking to you on Monday.

I was wondering what you thought of that video I sent you, and wanted to tell you about a really cool new feature we're about to add to the platform (it's a game-changer).

Can I give you a call Thursday afternoon to fill you in?


SmartSender makes it much easier to be proactive, as opposed to reactive.

You'll know which of your leads are engaged, and which need an extra nudge.

SmartSender + Retargeting

Here's another powerful feature built into SmartSender...

Have you ever visited a website, and upon leaving notice the company's ads following you around the web, Facebook, or Twitter for days or weeks at a time?

This is called retargeting.

As sales professionals know, repeated exposure is critical to credibility, branding, and conversion. So it's no surprise that retargeting is renowned for its ROI.

SmartSender gives you this opportunity to automatically serve targeted ads to your prospects as they browse the web. All they have to do is visit your pickup page, and your retargeting pixel or "cookie" is added to their browser.

Suddenly your brand is everywhere. With each exposure you have the opportunity to build trust, as well as direct your prospects to your website, blog, webinar registration page, or opt-in form.

SmartSender is integrated with Perfect Audience, Adroll, and SiteScout and can be seamlessly connected to any other retargeting platform you choose, including Facebook and Google.

SmartSender is not just for one-touch emails to your prospects.

You can add them to emails that you associate with buttons inside your dialer window.

In other words...

  • when you reach an answering machine, you can click your "reached voicemail" button to drop a voicemail and send an email with a link to your video
  • when you do a demo,  you can click your "did demo" button to send an email with a price sheet and integration guide
  • when you close a sale, you can click your "Interested" button and send a contract, or a link to your special promo page

Use SmartSender and SmartPacks to streamline virtually any workflow process. With the ability to upload unlimited resources and create unlimited SmartPacks, the opportunities are endless.

We've been developing SmartSender for over 6-months, and continue to work on new features and enhancements for it. We really hope you love it and the results it brings you.

If you're excited, please like, share, or comment. And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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