3 YouTube Channels that Can Improve Your Communication Skills

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1. Charisma on Command

2. School of Life

3. Practical Psychology

Wrapping Up 3 YouTube Channels that Can Improve Your Communication Skills...

As much as people love to claim they have "strong communication skills" on their resumes, most aren't as skilled and well-rounded as they think.

That's not to criticize anyone, but the truth is there are so many elements of effective communication. When you think about how little effort most people put into learning and improving their communication skills, it's easy to see why there is so much room for growth and development.

For sales professionals, the opportunities to use these skills are endless.

Whether you're face-to-face selling, talking to prospects on the phone, handling objections, re-engaging with cooled leads, trying to get past gatekeepers, engaging over email, negotiating a deal, trying to close the sale, or maintaining relationships with existing customers, a little research into the nuances of communication can go a long way.

So what's the best way to up your game?

Since communication is such an interpersonal skill, video is a great medium for learning. Fortunately, there are some great YouTube channels with videos on the topic.

With that, let's explore a few YouTube Channels that take your communication skills to the next level.

1. Charisma on Command

Just about everyone wants to be charismatic. After all, charismatic people exude confidence and tend to be well-liked.

Charisma is great for building relationships with others, and sales is all about relationships.

Charisma on Command stays true to its title with videos focused on being naturally more charismatic, although it also covers other topics related to life and emotions.

If you need to improve your small talk, learn simple ways to start a conversation or find a few simple ways to boost your charisma, check out this channel.

2. School of Life

School of Life produces videos related to emotional intelligence, a crucial aspect of communication.

When you're more in touch with your emotions, you can communicate more authentically. And when you're able to read and understand other's emotions, you can engage with them better.

Not only does School of Life cover a variety of interesting topics, it does so with cartoon videos that are easy on the eyes.

The channel has a fantastic video on why thinking too much and too little can both be problematic, and another that can help you determine exactly how emotionally intelligent you are.

3. Practical Psychology

Psychology is a fascinating science that can be incredibly useful in every day communication, sales communication, and life in general. But the difficulty for most is how complex psychological concepts can be.

Practical Psychology changes that by presenting these complex psychological comments in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

To get better results with your sales, you should start with Practical Psychology's video on how to be more persuasive, which covers the six persuasion concepts Robert Cialdini first went over in his popular book "Influence."

Other valuable videos include 6 charisma tips and how to change someone's mind.

Wrapping Up 3 YouTube Channels that Can Improve Your Communication Skills...

Communication is a multi-faceted skill that is very worthy of time and development. There are countless ways to use what you learn to improve your sales effectiveness and ability to build strong relationships.

To recap, here are three YouTube channels with videos that can help you develop your communication skills:

  • Charisma on Command shows you tricks and techniques that make you more likable and put you at ease when you talk to people.
  • School of Life improves your emotional intelligence, which leads to a more satisfied life and help put you in touch with your own and other's emotions.
  • Practical Psychology makes psychological concepts simpler and more fun to learn so that you can understand people as you communicate with them.
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