3 Core Principles of Sales Mastery

John Rydell


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Inside this article:

1. Sales Are Built on Trust

2. The Benefit/Feature Balance

3. Persistence Pays


One of the things we preach here at PhoneBurner is constant improvement – always be learning, growing, and getting better.

And surely, there is no shortage of content on effective sales strategies and tips.

Much of it presents good, practical advice for expanding your skillset.

But sometimes it's critical to take a step back. To go back to the basics. To remind yourself of the fundamental sales principles that govern sales success.

More than just tips... these concepts underly what sales is all about. They should be studied, internalized and practiced always - because they undoubtedly lead to a mastery of the craft.

Here are 3 core principles of sales success.

1. Sales Are Built on Trust

Sales are born out of trust and confidence.

A belief that a purchase will produce a good result.

Where does that belief come from?

Surely, some of it is based on the product itself. But even great products go unsold when they are presented by an untrustworthy source.

Much of this belief comes from the interaction between a salesperson and a prospect. A salesperson is who likeable and worthy of trust earns the opportunity to start a conversation...  to express benefits, offer a solution, and convince a prospect that it's the right one.

This sales principle should impact your tone, your messaging, your style, and your strategy.

Often it boils down to being solution-oriented. Be genuine, ask questions, seek to understand your prospect's situation and hot-buttons, and position yourself as someone with a real solution to their problem.

And always be honest, fair, and deliver on your promises.

Remember, your reputation follows you. It's what earns you business, repeat business, referrals, goodwill, and praise. It's critical to success.

2. The Benefit/Feature Balance

"What it is" never matters as much as "what it does for you."

That's why effective sales is contingent upon successfully linking features with the benefits they provide.

You see, features can build interest in your product, but they won’t sell it. First you have to build desire for your product...  and you do that through benefits.

Again, here is the difference:

  • Features = what it is
  • Benefits = what it does for you

Let's use PhoneBurner and two of our newest features, as an example.

Feature: Leaderboards
Benefit: Motivates your sales agents to be more productive and effective. Broadcast a live leaderboard up on the big screen and let them compete on the sales metrics that matter most to you.

Feature: LeadStream Smart Lead Distribution
Benefit: Eliminates the arduous and time-consuming process of manual lead distribution by intelligently and automatically distributing leads to agents based on highly customizable rules. LeadStream saves time, eliminates errors, automatically redestributes unworked leads to avoid lead waste, and delivers leads when they're most likely to convert.

The features are succinct and shareable, but they lack impact without a discussion of their benefits.

There's one more important point to make - different prospects are interested in different benefits, so simply focusing on benefits is not enough.

Effective selling requires the ability to understand what matters to the person you're communicating with, and focusing on the benefits that matter to them.

3. Persistence Pays

It's amazing how much of the sales "game" is never even played.

Despite how rare it is for sales to take place on the first contact, call, or meeting, a vast majority of salespeople give up after one or two attempts.

Don't let that be you.

Whether it comes from laziness, fear of rejection, or simply a misplaced focus on new leads, most good prospects don't get the attention they deserved - tossed out without being nurtured.

It's a fundamental sales principle... "the fortune is in the follow-up."

Building relationships and inking deals takes time. Be persistent.


Sales tips and strategies are a dime a dozen. While it's great to explore some of them in an effort to improve as a salesperson, don't forget the basics. Above are 3 core principles of sales mastery that should guide every tactic, script, habit, device, and tool you employ. Internalize them and you'll boost your sales numbers and build better relationships with your customers.

Chime in. Tell us another core sales principle that guides your process...

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