4 Morning Habits to Put You in a Selling Mood

John Greene


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Inside this article:

1. Meditate

2. Take a Cold Shower

3. Keep a 5-Minute Journal

4. Exercise

Good Morning Habits Lead to Good Sales Habits

You probably know the feeling of being “in the zone” in selling. All your calls seem to go well, and you seem to get positive response after positive response.

And best of all, the sales roll in faster than ever.

But after a little while, things star to taper off, until you’re hovering back around average. It almost feels like, for a short time, you caught lightning in a bottle - and it went away as quickly as it came.

But what if you could snap yourself into the “selling mood” and manufacture that “in the zone” feeling almost at will? That’d be powerful, right?

You see, getting into the “selling mood” starts from the moment you wake up. Your morning routine plays a huge factor.

By implementing some or all of these quick habits every morning, you’ll be rearing to go when you make it to the office – and you’ll have a much better mindset to make the sale.

1. Meditate

Sales is a game of emotions. Empathy, compassion, trust… But it’s hard to manage your own emotions when your mind is constantly “running” – you know, when that voice in your head just won’t seem to quiet down.

The thing is, your prospects can pick up on your temperament too, and it affects the way you interact with them.

So, what can you do? The key is to become more mindful – that is, more present and less reactive – and you develop mindfulness through meditation.

Even a short 5-10 minute meditation when you wake up (with a simple app like Headspace) can literally reshape your brain over time.

Neuroscientists have found that after just 11 hours of meditation, practitioners had structural changes in the part of the brain involved in monitoring focus and self control.

2. Take a Cold Shower

Want to wake up and feel full of energy and ready to crush the day with sales? Some like it hot. But as research suggests you might want to make that shower a cold one.

Sure, it might be a bit uncomfortable initially, but there are tons of benefits, like:

  •     Increased energy and well-being
  •     Improved emotional resilience – cold showers train your nervous system to be more resilient to stress
  •     Increased alertness
  •     Improved mood

All of these things combine to really get you in the mood for selling.

3. Keep a 5-Minute Journal

The only way to assess your progress is to keep track of how you’re doing from one day to the next. By journaling for a few minutes every morning, you can keep track of your thoughts, progress towards goals, overall mindset, and more.

Journaling helps you build emotional intelligence, because it helps you perceive and manage your emotions, and it also sparks creativity and improves communication skills.

This will be key to keep your motivation throughout your journey to sales success.

4. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t just help you build muscle and burn fat. Harvard researchers have found that post-workout blood flow creates optimal conditions for performing tasks that require focused thinking.

Plus, another recent study found that exercise causes an overall work performance boost of about 15%.

A good morning workout can help you take on your sales calls with the energy and focus you need.

Good Morning Habits Lead to Good Sales Habits

Don't underestimate the power of your morning habits and routine. These play a huge factor in your mood and mindset throughout the day, which directly impacts how you talk with your prospects on the phone. When you prioritize the right morning habits to start your day, you'll have the mental energy to succeed throughout the day and close more deals.

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