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7 Sleep Tips for Busy Salespeople (Or Anyone Else!)

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

sleep tips for sales people

Sales can be a grind.

It comes with stress, high expectations, and a healthy dose of rejection. And so, you need to be mentally prepared every day you step into the sales game.

But that’s hard to do if you’re feeling groggy, tired, and underslept. This can throw you off balance and cause you to slip into a negative mindset. Studies show, even 6 hours of sleep per night is harmful to your focus, memory, and mood… and then some.

Bottom line? You should make an effort to consistently get a great night of sleep. That way, you can show up to work refreshed, refueled, and ready to crush another day of sales.

Today, we’ll give you 7 tips for the busy salesperson (or frankly, anyone) to get a perfect night sleep…

1. Sleep in a Pitch Black Room

Moonlight, street lights, bright digital clocks…

There is plenty of light that can make its way into your bedroom on any given night. And believe it or not, just a little bit of light can throw damage the quality of your sleep.

It’s best to sleep in a pitch black room. Here are some tips for making your room pitch black:

  • Use blackout curtains
  • Put dark tape over bright lights in your room (like digital clocks)
  • Use a sleeping mask

2. Keep Your Bed Time Consistent

When you go to bed and wake up at around the same time each day, it gets your body clock on track and sets you up for consistent good nights of sleep.

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So, figure out a good time to wind down and go to bed each night. Ideally, this will be 7-8 hours before you have to wake up in the morning. That way, you ensure that you get enough hours of sleep each night.

3. Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses Before Bed

It’s best to avoid all digital screens and lights an hour before bed, but that can be difficult to do. So, if you can’t manage that, try out a pair of blue light blocking glasses like these.

As this Harvard Study shows, blue light negatively affects our circadian rhythms, which can be damaging to our sleep patterns.

So, if you want to keep working (or just want to watch a little Netflix) up until bedtime, blue light blocking glasses is a cheap simple precaution. They’ll block out that blue light, helping your body to send you off to la la land with greater ease.

4. Avoid Late-Night Meals

We all get those late-night food cravings from time to time. You know – that delicious sandwich in the fridge; that fast food restaurant you always pass on your way home; that tub of rich ice cream just begging you to grab a spoon…

But if you want to have a productive workday the next day, it’s best to fight these cravings and avoid that late-night meal.

Late-night meals can cause blood sugar spikes, which interfere with your ability to get deep, quality sleep.

5. Be Hydrated

No, don’t chug a big glass of water right before bed. Do that, and you’re asking to have your sleep interrupted by a late-night trip to the bathroom.

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BUT… you should absolutely focus on making sure you’re hydrated before you’re ready to turn in. It helps your body rebuild, restore, and ensure you wake up recovered and ready to go.

6. Have “Pre-Sleep” Routine

Just as a solid morning routine can get you ready to crush it at sales throughout the day, a solid pre-sleep routine can help you fall asleep quickly and get quality sleep throughout the night.

This routine should be one to two hours long, and should be filled with habits that help quiet your buzzing mind and get you ready for bed.

Habits like:

  • Reading
  • Unplugging from TV, phone, etc.
  • Meditation
  • Writing in a diary or journal

Pick out 3-4 pre-sleep habits and add them to your routine!

7. Have a “Can’t Sleep” Backup Plan

Even the best sleepers can struggle from time to time.

When one of those nights hits, most of us toss and turn, let our thoughts wander, and generally stress out and make things even worse. That’s why the smart ones among us have a plan.

There are a host of proven methods, one of which is certain to be right for you.

Be it a sleep meditation, a breathing exercise such as the 4-7-8 method (tongue along the gum line by your front teeth, then breathe in for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8 through the mouth with a whooshing sound), a couple sprays of lavender, or even picturing yourself at your favorite place.

Wrapping Up Tips for the Busy Salesperson to Get a Perfect Night Sleep…

When you sleep well, you’ll perform better, sell more, and naturally be happier and more energetic. However, in the high-pressure world of sales, a great night of sleep can be hard to come by.

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But if you follow the tips listed here, you can immediately start getting more, and higher quality sleep.

Do you have any other sleep tips that help you have restful nights? Let us know in the comments below!