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Tips for a bad sales day

9 Tips for Handling a Bad Sales Day

Last Updated on May 14, 2021

Tips for a bad sales day

It doesn’t get much rougher than a bad sales day.

We’ve all had them. You feel like nothing is going right and that every lead is unreachable or completely uninterested.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic solution to start rolling in sales when the going gets tough. But there are right and wrong ways to handle a bad sales day that will impact just how much (or how little) that bad day really matters.

Today, we’re covering the eight best pieces of advice for those difficult sales periods.

1. Focus on What’s in Your Control

The results of your sales efforts are never completely in your control. When you’re struggling, stick to the elements you can control, such as the number of calls you make, your scripts, and how you handle each call.

2. Don’t Play the Victim

It’s easy to sit around and pity yourself because things aren’t going your way, but you’ll find that the most successful people avoid this like the plague.

Avoid feeling sorry for yourself. This isn’t the end of the world; it’s one bad sales day.

3. Consider Other Approaches

When you’re having a hard time with the sales calls, see if there’s another way you can be productive. Perhaps you switch up your script or contact old or existing customers, instead of new leads.

4. Clear Your Head

It can wear you down to hear rejection after rejection. If you’re getting frustrated or losing focus, take a break to clear your head. Go for a walk, take an early lunch, meditate or do anything else that helps you relax.

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You might just find yourself in a completely different groove when you return.

5. Appreciate the Challenges

As strange as it may sound to appreciate tough sales days, remember that if sales were easy, your company wouldn’t need you. Rather than dreading and despairing over tough situations, learn to embrace and love challenge. It’s how you grow.

Dealing with adversity is what separates the average salespeople from the true top performers.

6. Let Go of Bad Calls

Whether things are going well or poorly, you need a short memory in sales.

Yes, see what you can learn from a bat patch. But don’t carry the weight of previous rejections into your next call, because that will negatively impact your performance. If you’ve had one bad call or 10 bad calls, get them out of your head before you talk to the next lead.

The outcome of a call can only impact the next one if you allow it to.

7. Look for Lessons

Sometimes there are valuable lessons to be learned from bad sales days, but only if you’re humble and perceptive enough to find them.

See if there are any elements to your calls that stand out as a potential problem you need to correct. Ask yourself if you’re doing something differently today than other days. With an open mind you might spot an issue that was eluding you.

8. Talk to someone

Sometimes when we can’t figure out what’s wrong, it’s obvious to someone else. If you have a sense that you could be doing better, but can’t quite pinpoint the problem, talk to someone – another salesperson, a manager, a mentor.

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Whether they have the answer or just a different perspective, it may be enough to help you alter your approach… and put the day on a new path.

9. Laugh It Off

The best way to avoid getting stressed during a rough day is to find some levity in the situation. One day does not a career make.

Leads like talking to upbeat salespeople. Laughing off bad calls keeps you in a positive mood and improves your prospects for the rest of the day.

Wrapping Up 9 Tips for Handling a Bad Sales Day…

When you’re in sales, bad days happen. You can’t always avoid them, but you can make sure they don’t break you and even learn from them.

To recap, here’s how you can handle those tough sales days:

  • Do your best at what you can control.
  • Never see yourself as a victim.
  • Try different strategies if one isn’t working.
  • Take time to relax between calls.
  • Understand that challenges are a blessing in disguise.
  • Forget about bad calls when moving on to the next one.
  • See what you can learn from these tough times.
  • Talk to someone else to get some perspective
  • Use the power of laughter to improve your mood.