22 Sales Podcasts That Will Make You Better at Selling

John Greene

April 9, 2024

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  • Sales podcasts offer a flexible learning tool for sales professionals, fitting into busy schedules.
  • The list includes 22 top sales podcasts, each focusing on different aspects of sales, from prospecting to leadership.
  • "Make It Happen Mondays" and "The Advanced Selling Podcast" are among the recommended, covering various sales strategies and insights.
  • "Blissful Prospecting" focuses on innovative prospecting strategies, while "Sales Gravy" offers quick sales tips.
  • "Conversations With Women In Sales" targets female sales professionals, discussing career growth and overcoming challenges.
  • "The Salesman Podcast" and "The Other Side Of Sales" address soft skills and inclusivity in sales culture, respectively.
  • The selection includes podcasts for different learning preferences, from quick tips to in-depth discussions on sales trends and strategies.

Success in sales requires ongoing learning and growth. However, finding the time to learn and still do all of your job-related tasks can be challenging. Sales podcasts can be at least a partial solution to this problem. You can listen to them while driving, exercising, walking the dog, etc.

To spare you the work of trying to find the best sales podcasts to listen to, we've created a list of the 22 best sales podcasts out there. Read through the list and identify the ones that seem most relevant to you

22 Sales Podcasts for You and Your Team

1. Make It Happen Mondays

Every Monday, the CEO and founder of JBarrows Sales Training, John Barrows, hosts a live broadcast on Facebook called The Selling Podcast. Episodes include a variety of guests from both professional and personal branding to career guidance and the inner workings of daily selling. Barrows' episodes are jam-packed with business advice and anecdotes, many of which are based on his own experiences in the industry.

2. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Are you looking for bite-size sales insights and a large library of episodes to listen to? This is the show for you. The Advanced Selling Podcast claims to be the world's longest-running sales podcast, having aired nearly 700 episodes since its inception (and counting). Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale, the hosts of the podcast, draw on their expertise as sales trainers to explore such themes as buyer resistance, sales forecasting, and managing B2B sales teams in each episode.

3. Blissful Prospecting

This podcast addresses a variety of topics, including cold calling, outreach sequencing, and discovery calls. The show delves into the nitty gritty of prospecting strategy to help reps think outside the box and land more meetings. This podcast is hosted by sales coach and instructor Jason Bay, who explores prospecting from every angle. Each episode features a discussion with a renowned sales expert or a high-performing rep, followed by an actionable suggestion, making it a useful resource for anyone in sales.

If you want to hear more specifics from Jason Bay around outbound sales, prospecting, and cold calls, download our eBook Outbound Sales: 10 Strategies to Close More Deals. He's one of five featured experts we feature throughout the eBook.

4. Sales Gravy

Jeb Blount, noted author, speaker, and sales expert, provides fast sales tips on the Sales Gravy podcast. Although some of the episodes can be up to an hour long, many of them are between 5 to 10 minutes long. This makes it ideal for reps who want to learn about overcoming objections, negotiation tactics, and similar themes amidst a hectic day.

5. Conversations With Women In Sales

This podcast was created first and foremost for female sales professionals. On the podcast, female sales executives discuss their careers and provide useful sales suggestions. Barbara Giamanco, a sales expert, created the program as a direct reaction to the scarcity of women in sales positions and on panels. The episodes address subjects such as how to avoid impostor syndrome, how to create a sales funnel and sales cycle, and how to progress in tech sales. 

6. The Modern Selling Podcast

Mario Martinez, Jr., the host of The Modern Selling Podcast, interviews sales leaders and reps to learn how to better engage with their customers. The podcast, which is released once a week, deals with such themes as getting resistant purchasers to say "yes", how to have meaningful one-on-one conversations, and the emotional intricacies of selling.

7. The Salesman Podcast

With more than 550 episodes, The Salesman Podcast hosted by Will Barron provides a huge library of helpful resources for those in sales. Barron's podcast is unique in that it focuses on numerous soft skills essential for sales success, ranging from body language and speaking techniques to suggestions for excellent storytelling and question-asking. And with multiple episodes published per week, there's always something new to listen to.

8. The Other Side Of Sales

The Other Side of Sales is a podcast that focuses on the challenges faced by salespeople from underrepresented groups while also fostering a more inclusive, supportive sales culture. The show is hosted by Ashleigh Early and Kasey Jones, and includes a blend of interviews, panels, and discussions that draw on their own experiences in sales. Episodes are a mix of sales culture discussions and practical advice. Episodes address topics like selling as a black individual, mental-health issues, and how to call someone out for improper behavior.

9. The Ziglar Show

Committed to upholding the legacy of legendary sales motivator Zig Ziglar, this highly-rated sales podcast is primarily focused on self-improvement, motivation, and establishing productive habits. Hosts Tom Ziglar (son of Zig) and Kevin Miller often invite well-known speakers onto the program, such as Simon Sinek and Seth Godin, to talk about what is necessary to succeed.

10. Sales Babble

Host Pat Helmers helps cut through sales jargon to provide no-nonsense advice to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone else in the sales business. Episodes often include discussions with sales executives from various sectors about such issues as closing deals, filling pipelines, and the fundamentals of cold calling.

11. Sell or Die

Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow, both sales trainers and speakers, collaborate for a daily podcast with recurring segments such as "Monday Motivation," live Q&A sessions, and a weekly "Best Of" podcast for time-crunched listeners. The guests and the discussions vary considerably so there's something for everyone.

12. Accelerate! With Andy Paul

Host Andy Paul regularly interviews some of the biggest names in the sales community, including people like Mark Hunter, Jeff Shore, and Jill Konrath. Paul's podcast offers a huge amount of helpful information for sales managers in particular, including the keys to finding "sales rockstars," enhancing your sales process, and providing reps with helpful tools.

13. The Quotable Podcast

The Quotable Podcast is full of advice that applies to salespeople of all types. The program frequently explores topics like recruiting great talent, sales training, performance evaluations, and coaching. New episodes usually come out once a week.

Check out our blog filled with 18 motivational sales quotes you can share with your team today.

14. In The Arena Podcast

Anthony Iannarino, a renowned sales coach and author of The Lost Art of Closing, somehow manages to write for "The Sales Blog" almost daily and still regularly publish new podcast episodes. On In The Arena, the issue of leadership is very prominent, covering topics like long-distance leadership, overcoming toxic cultures, and team dynamics, making it a particularly useful reference for sales managers.

15. Sales Pipeline Radio

Host Matt Heinz has both a sales and marketing background, but it's his B2B sales growth expertise that is on full display when he hosts Sales Pipeline Radio. Heinz interviews a wide range of individuals and covers a large variety of topics, such as coaching for sales managers, improving quota assignment, strengthening sales effectiveness, and sales-marketing alignment.

16. The Sales Evangelist

Donald Kelly, a well-known public speaker and consultant, discusses high-level sales questions in his almost daily podcast. From basic principles like "Sales Process 101" to more in-depth discussions, such as "How Do I Create a Cold Email Outreach Process?" Kelly maintains lots of variety from episode to episode.

17. B2B Growth Show

Though the B2B Growth Show isn’t focused only on sales discussions, it often tackles subjects that should interest those in sales. Team-building, creating referral systems, developing buyer personas, and maintaining relevance in commodity markets are just a few examples of the topics covered on the podcast.

18. Sales Influence—Why People Buy

Sales is often spoken of like it's a numbers game. If you make enough calls and send enough emails, you'll hit your sales target. But there's also a psychological aspect to selling. You must earn the buyer's confidence and figure out what is driving them to make a purchase. In this podcast, host Victor Antonio explores why people buy and the psychology of skeptical buyers. The episodes cover topics like conveying confidence in your sales approach, caring for the prospect, and overcoming buyer decision fatigue.

Download our eBook Outbound Sales: 10 Strategies to Close More Deals and explore the psychology of sales further.

19. Sales Success Stories

Learning from the best performers on your team and doing what they do is one of the most effective ways to succeed in sales. This podcast aims to provide you with a similar experience. The show features top salespeople from various companies and has them discuss the skills, books, and ideas that have helped them achieve success. There are key insights provided by people in various sales positions, such as sales development representatives (SDRs), account executives (AEs), account managers, etc.

20. The Pavilion Podcast

Pavilion is a large sales networking organization for over 5,000 revenue executives and rising revenue leaders. Typically, professional development is targeted at those in the relatively early stages of their careers. This networking group wants to be a resource for revenue supervisors to help them continue to grow. The Pavilion Podcast is one way they achieve their mission. In each episode, a revenue leader provides career advice and suggestions on how to tackle some of today's most pressing issues for businesses. The creator economy, earning a promotion, and starting your own business are just a few examples of topics covered in the podcast.

21. Sales Game Changers

Taking the next step in your career, whether it's moving into a leadership position or working your way up the leadership ladder, can be difficult to say the least. Featuring B2B sales leaders from large enterprises like AT&T and Cisco, the podcast has them share advice on how to succeed in sales and advance their careers. Topics covered include sales strategies such as discovery and social selling, as well as leadership coaching and how to earn your next promotion.

22. The Sales Hacker Podcast

Sales Hacker was founded as a blog and community website in 2014, and it has become a go-to source for salespeople seeking the most up-to-date industry knowledge. The podcast is an extension of the website, providing reps at all experience levels with a wealth of knowledge and advice. The show is hosted by Pavilion Founder Sam Jacobs, who interviews B2B sales executives on topics like lead generation, enablement strategies, and leveraging technology.

Did We Miss Any Awesome Sales Podcasts?

There are so many sales podcasts out there, it's hard to get the best of the best into one list. If we missed any that you think are worth including, reach out to us and we'll add to this post. In the meantime, you've got a lot of sales content to listen to. Enjoy!



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