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How Does YOUR State Rate?

Does Southern Hospitality Apply to Cold Calls?

A Divisional Divide?

Welcome back to the 4th post in our Sales Stats series.

We've already looked at live answer rates to determine the best hour of the day, best day of the week, and best month and season for cold calls.

Today we're poring through 11,766,338 sales calls made over a 4.5 year span, looking at location data to determine which states, divisions, and regions have the best (and worst) answer rates. Infographic is below.

How Does YOUR State Rate?

Care to guess where you're most likely to hear a "hello" when you make your sales calls?

The honors go to California. California boasts a top response rate of 17.09%, nearly a full percent higher than second-tier states North Carolina, Georgia, and West Virginia - all of which hover around 16%.

And the worst? Sorry Delaware. Less than 1 in 10 calls to Delaware (9.86%) result in a live answer. Wyoming, Maine, and New Hampshire were not far behind.

Does Southern Hospitality Apply to Cold Calls?

The South is known for its hospitality. Its people widely regarded as friendly... eager to say hello and to engage in conversation.

So does this hold true when it comes to phone calls?

Sure looks that way!

As a region, the South comes out on top for the highest live answer rates in the nation. Not only that, but 4 of the top 5 states are in the South.

That said, the West is not far behind.

What's especially interesting is that the top 11 states are all from either the South or the West, suggesting some real regional differences do exist.

Not until we get to Connecticut at #12 do we leave these two regions of sales call supremacy.

A Divisional Divide?

Some clear differences emerge when we view answer rates by division as well, with the central states lagging well behind the coastal divisions.

Sales Call Answer Rates by US State, Region and Division

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What are your thoughts, your takeaways? How do the states you call the most compare?

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