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IFPG call center multiplies call volume, answer rates and appointment sets with PhoneBurner’s native Zoho dialer

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Key Achievements
  • Leveraged PhoneBurner’s native integration to dial right from the Zoho platform
  • Increased call answer rates from 12% to 23%
  • Doubled call volume from 200 - 400 calls per day, per agent
  • Increased daily appointment sets from 3-4 a day up to 11
  • Significantly improved agent pay, helping attract more talent

IFPG (International Franchise Professionals Group) is an organization that helps aspiring business owners identify and ultimately invest in a franchise opportunity that is right for them. Dan Claps’ call center team places millions of calls per year to qualify and educate candidates, offering a level of service that has helped IFPG earn Entrepreneur Magazine’s #1 Franchise Consultant Award for 2 consecutive years.

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“My agents went from 3-4 appointments per day to 11. The Zoho integration is so seamless.”

ifpg co-founder Dan Claps

Dan Claps

Call Center Co-Founder

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Challenges and Objectives

Despite an abundance of leads, Dan’s team was facing multiple challenges that were limiting quality interactions and appointment sets. To improve efficiency, he switched from a click-to-call solution to a traditional auto dialer. Unfortunately, the efficiency gains were offset by an increase in hangups due to the off-putting delay at the start of each call.

His agents also complained of calls being marked as “Scam Likely,” resulting from the high call volume. With skepticism high, answer rates low, and agents burnt out from repeating voicemails over and over, Dan needed a solution to bring metrics and morale up several notches.

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The Solution

Dan turned to PhoneBurner, thrilled to have a solution that seamlessly and natively integrated with his Zoho CRM. “I was skeptical, because some of these integrations can be pretty hard to tie together,” Dan explained. He was also very interested in how to increase live answers and to reduce the risk of spam flags by spreading call volume over multiple numbers.

Taking advantage of PhoneBurner’s “incredible” free onboarding program, he implemented an omni-channel outreach process blending voicemails, emails, and SMS. Finally, call volume, quality interactions, and appointments were charting the same upward path.

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The Results

Our contact rate is up from 12% to 23%, and we’re compounding that with an additional 200 calls per day, per agent

Any skepticism Dan’s team had coming in was short lived. “My team just started rolling,” he shared. The seamless Zoho integration and streamlining of repetitive tasks like voicemails, SMS, and follow-up, dramatically improved agent satisfaction and “quality of life.” “My callers actually find it fun.”

The KPI improvements are equally exciting. Scam Likely,” flags stopped and call answer rates nearly doubled from 12% to 23%. Coupled with a 2x increase in call volume, appointment sets are off the charts, rising from 3-4 per rep, per day to upwards of 11. Revenue is up and earnings are up, so Dan has more talent applying. “There’s a lot of benefit. Seriously.”


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