Frequently asked questions about PhoneBurner® and auto dialers.

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  1. How long does it take to set up PhoneBurner®?

    Less than 7 minutes! As soon as you give us a little bit of information, we’ll have your personal PhoneBurner® system up and running… even if it’s 2:30 in the morning!

  2. Can I use PhoneBurner® to call a list of Contacts I already have?

    You bet! Just upload them into the PhoneBurner® Contact Manager.

  3. When my Contacts answer, will there be a pause before they hear me speak?

    No! Rest assured, with this state-of-the-art dialing technology, there is no pause after your Contact answers before you begin speaking like on those antiquated dialers. Your Contact will never know you are utilizing a dialing application to contact them.

  4. What about long distance charges?

    You will be responsible for normal long-distance charges when dialing into PhoneBurner®. However, there are no additional long-distance charges for the calls PhoneBurner® makes to your Contacts.

  5. What do I need to use PhoneBurner®?

    - A computer. (PC or Mac will work fine.)
    - An Internet connection. (DSL/cable or faster.)
    - A credit card (for billing).
    - A phone. (Regular landline… cell phone… or VOIP.)

  6. Can I use PhoneBurner® if I’m travelling?

    Absolutely! If you can get online..and on the phone at the same time… you can use PhoneBurner® from anywhere, even outside the USA!

  7. Are there any restrictions on how I can use PhoneBurner®?

    Yes. You will be responsible for complying with all applicable regulations concerning calling. PhoneBurner® is only a service that enables you to call lists of Contacts quickly and efficiently

  8. What happens if I’m calling late in the evening from the West Coast and accidently include a Contact from the East Coast, where it’s after 9:00 PM?

    Relax… PhoneBurner® is looking out for you! PhoneBurner® will NOT call any number after 9:00 PM local time as determined by the time zone where the area code of that number is located.

  9. I didn’t use all my minutes this month. Will I lose them?

    Nope! Unused minutes rollover to the next month!

  10. Can I upgrade/downgrade my account at any time?

    Absolutely! If you need to change to a plan with fewer/more hours per month, just let us know. Your new plan would be effective with the next billing period.

  11. What if I just need a couple extra hours one month… but don’t want to upgrade my account?

    No problem. You can purchase extra hours at any time.

  12. Does PhoneBurner® include an autoresponder?

    No. PhoneBurner® will send ONE follow-up e-mail per call, per Contact.

  13. What happens when PhoneBurner® sends an e-mail… and the person clicks on the unsubscribe link in that e-mail?

    The PhoneBurner® system will not send any additional e-mails to that person, even if you use PhoneBurner® to call them again.

  14. Can I add my own emails?

    Yes. You have a message library where you're allowed to enter as many custom emails as you want.

  15. How many pre-recorded voicemail messages can I have?

    PhoneBurner® does not limit the number of pre-recorded messages you can create. We let you create as many messages as you need.

  16. I have several businesses. Will I be able to use PhoneBurner® for all my businesses?

    You can use PhoneBurner® for as many different businesses as you need. Because our message library and voicemail recording system allows you to add unlimited messages, you can setup all the messages you need to work all your different businesses.

  17. Can I import any type of lead I want?

    Yes. PhoneBurner® has an import feature that allows you to import any type of lead you want.

  18. Can I dial more than one person at the same time?

    No. PhoneBurner® follows federal and state laws that make it illegal to call more than one person at the same time through dialing applications unless a live person can answer all of those calls. The benefit to you? Our state-of-the art technology helps you stay in compliance with Federal laws and ensures that there is no pause between the time a contact picks up the phone and the time that you are able to speak to them. Your prospects will never know you are using a dialing application.

  19. Do you allow me to record my calls?

    No. It is a crime in many states to record a telephone call without the consent of everyone on the call. In fact, violation of these laws may cause the users of such a feature to pay substantial fines in the thousands of dollars, and spend time in jail. PhoneBurner® looks out for you! Its state-of-the art technology helps you to avoid accidentally violating these laws.

  20. Do you have a feature that allows my other colleagues to listen to my calls?

    No. It is a crime in some states to listen in on a private telephone conversation without the consent of everyone on the telephone call. Violation of laws against eavesdropping may cause the user to face substantial fines and jail time. PhoneBurner®'s state-of-the art technology helps you to avoid accidentally violating these criminal laws.

  21. Is PhoneBurner® a predictive dialer?

    No. Predictive dialers place multiple calls (at the same time) in an effort to connect with as many "live answers" as possible. If a live operator isn't available to speak to each person contacted by the dialer, federal law may be violated.

    When the predictive dialer calls a number that is answered, the person answering will usually experience a delay (dead air) of a few seconds before being connected. The initial delay is caused by the dialer taking time to determine whether the call was answered by a human or an answering machine. Additional delay is caused by the dialer connecting calls answered by a human to a live operator.

  22. Is PhoneBurner® an auto dialer?

    No, PhoneBurner® is not an auto dialer. With PhoneBurner®, the member has complete control of their dialing experience. The member decides which phone numbers to dial and remains on the phone live from the beginning to end of each call. With auto-dialers, it's the software that has control. (This is why PhoneBurner® doesn't have that long delay when a human answers the phone.)

    PhoneBurner® is a live rapid-dialing system that relies on its user (not software) to determine the result of each call. We like to call it a "smiling, dialing, sales machine that can help you make up to 500 dials a day!"

  23. How do the new FCC rules effective October 16, 2013, impact how I can use PhoneBurner®?

    There are a number of state and federal laws that govern telemarketing, including federal regulations known as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA") and the Telemarketing Sales Rules ("TSR"). These rules govern everything from the Do-Not-Call Registry and who must use it, to the times during which you can make sales calls to potential clients. You may have recently heard about certain changes to the TCPA which go into effect on October 16, 2013. These changes, among other things, require telemarketers who make prerecorded calls, or leave prerecorded telemarketing messages, to first obtain express, written consent from the consumer to receive such prerecorded calls. The new rules also require prior express written consent before a telemarketer may use an autodialer to call a wireless number. Further information about the TCPA, as well as the full text of the changes, can be found at

    There are many potential and diverse ways to use PhoneBurner®. PhoneBurner® can neither address each individual situation nor provide you with legal advice concerning the TCPA and TSR. We strongly recommend that you consult your own attorney about the specific application of federal and state laws on telemarketing to your use of PhoneBurner®.

  24. Is my data secure and how do I know it won't be sold or shared?

    You account is ID and password protected. All data, scripts, email content and recordings loaded in your account are your content and will never be shared or sold by PhoneBurner®.
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