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Are you interesting in conversations?

How to Be More Interesting in Conversation: 6 Tips

Are you interesting in conversations?

To be an effective salesperson, you have to be adept at having conversations.

You want to be someone people want to talk to. Not the salesperson they want to avoid or get off the phone with.

Some of that is effective sales technique. But it’s also about just being good to talk to. Relatable. Trustworthy. And interesting.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of conversation opportunities in the life of the average salesperson. Much of it falls outside of work.

Today, we’ll give you some easy tips for becoming a better conversationalist – in all kinds of conversations. It’s bound to help you both personally and professionally.

Sound good? Let’s do it!

1. Keep conversations focused on them

Generally speaking, people enjoy talking about themselves. What’s more, the more you get a person to talk about themselves, the more connected they’ll feel to you. So, try to keep the conversation focused on your subject.

Try to be genuinely interested in and curious about others. See conversations as opportunities to learn from and find out about people. It will make you more interesting to talk to.

The converse is also true. When you dominate conversations or talk too much about yourself, you’re more likely to bore your subject or put them off.

2. Find common ground and relate

Of course, one person talking does not make for a conversation. So while it’s wise to keep the other person in focus, take every opportunity to share relatable experiences and interests. It helps form deeper bonds.

3. Watch late-night talk shows

Late night talk-show hosts are some of the best conversationalists. In fact, they get paid for their ability to have interesting conversations night-in and night-out.

Naturally, talk-show hosts ask a lot of questions and keep the conversation mostly focused on the other person (see tip 1). But, there’s much more to their craft that you’ll pick up on when you watch.

It doens’t hurt that many of the guests on late-night talk shows are also charismatic and great conversationalists. So try watching not just to enjoy, but to learn.

To put it another way, tonight’s homework – watch TV. 

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4. Talk Slowly and Clearly

Fast-talking is typically associated with dishonesty… especially when it comes to salespeople. So talk slowly. Talk clearly. It shows you’re calm and confident, and it’s more pleasurable and interesting to listen to.

5. Curl up with a good book

Want to be someone that others love talking to? Learn from the masters.

There are some terrific books on the topic.

Some of the best books about conversations include How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and Influence by Robert B. Cialdini.

6. Be conscious in conversation

Conversations are so commonplace that most of us don’t think about them while we’re engaged in them.

Try being more conscious in conversation. In other words, take note of when you find other people interesting and intriguing in conversations. Did they do anything special? What traits are they exhibiting? What were they talking about? What was it that hooked you or someone else?

Ask yourself if there’s something they did that you could mirror in your future conversations.

The beautiful thing about conversations is that they provide a learning opportunity, BUT, that’s only if you’re open, present in the moment, and willing to learn!

Wrapping up tips for being interesting in conversation

Conversation skills are super important when it comes to sales. That’s why it’s worth investing some time and effort into becoming a more interesting and relatable conversationalist. Today, we covered 6 important tips to help you do just that.

  1. Focus more on your subject than yourself
  2. Relate to the other person when you have the opportunity
  3. Watch late-night talk show to see professionals at work
  4. Speak slowly
  5. Read books on mastering conversation
  6. Be conscious in your own conversations