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Are you looking for an affordable auto dialer with CRM integration to grow your outbound sales? You might want to look into "power dialer" software instead. Traditional auto dialers may be efficient in reaching contacts, but in terms of quality conversations - it's not even close. Auto dialers route calls to live agents when someone picks up the phone. The time it takes for the software to predict the live answer and route the call results in that odd "pause" that's notorious for killing sales call effectiveness.

What's the alternative? PhoneBurner offers an affordable phone dialer system that increases outbound sales productivity up to 447 percent -- without awkward pauses or delays.

The PhoneBurner power dialer system

About 70 percent of the time inside sales professionals and call center agents spend making calls is wasted. Voicemail is a huge culprit. Sending emails. Managing contact details. Dispositioning calls. It all takes time away from what matters most - live conversations.

PhoneBurner dials for you and leaves pre-recorded voicemail messages with the click of a button. Save 30 to 60 second per call, and move instantly to the next contact. A click of a button can also send personalized emails based on the call outcome, move contacts to a new folder, add tags or notes to a contact, and so much more.

The result? You blaze through contacts at 4x the speed - without anyone knowing technology is being used. That means higher quality conversations.

Our feature set includes:

  • Power dialing
  • 1-click voicemails
  • Email & email tracking
  • Call transfer
  • Call recording
  • Call tracking and reporting
  • Smart lead distribution
  • Advanced lead filtering
  • And more

PhoneBurner gets rave reviews for ease of use and functionality.

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Despite our best-in-class functionality and ease-of-use, PhoneBurner is truly affordable power dial software. We give you more features, better performance, and superior support.

Get unlimited dialing from $149/month. An admin is free unless engaged in dialing.

You'll easily cover that cost with the increase in efficiency and sales effectiveness.

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We're excited to show you how quickly you can increase your outbound sales by phone, Unlike other dialing software programs, you can try PhoneBurner for free - without a credit card.

When you're ready, our affordable cloud based software solution is available month-to-month. No contracts. No setup fees.

See for yourself why thousands of clients trust PhoneBurner to power their sales efforts.

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Affordable power dialer software

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"We have been using Phone Burner for our national marketing agency (Insurance) for over a year now and it has been the most important tool for us in our marketing arsenal. The level of customer support is top notch."

Atticus Killough

Atticus Killough

Keller Williams

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