Power dialer for Salesforce

Dial contacts up to 4x faster and multiply live interactions with PhoneBurner + Salesforce

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Puts outreach on overdrive

Power dial Salesforce contacts

Puts outreach on overdrive

PhoneBurner handles repetitive prospecting tasks, so reps focus on selling. Reach more contacts, have more conversations and close more deals with our native Salesforce dialer.

Dial without leaving Salesforce

Salesforce dialer integration

Dial without leaving Salesforce

Initiate dial sessions from the Contacts or Leads tabs and reach up to 80 contacts per hour. Connections are seamless so every contact thinks you dialed them by hand. All activity is automatically updated in Salesforce.

Say goodbye to tedious tasks

Autolog calls and streamline workflows

Say goodbye to tedious tasks

Leave voicemails without listening to the greeting. Send instant emails based on call outcome. Automatically log and record calls. PhoneBurner increases touchpoints, so reps get better results, with less time invested.


Say “hello” to hassle-free outreach

No special equipment

Make calls from anywhere. Use any phone, or our softphone with just a headset.

Instant connections

Hear contacts answer, and reply immediately. No pause. No awkward silence. No delays.

1-click voicemails

Leave a pre-recorded voicemail while moving on to the next contact. No need to wait for the beep.

1-click emails

Instantly send personalized emails based on call outcome. Saves you time and improves response.

Local Caller ID

Dynamically display a local area code prospects recognize, and drive answer rates higher.

Call recording

Enable call recording for easy playback, coaching and conversion opportunities.

Salesforce auto-logging

Call results, notes, and contact updates are automatically logged in Salesforce.

Email tracking

SmartSender tracks when prospects email opens, click links, view attachments, videos and more.


Track call activity and performance across your entire team with custom reporting.


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PhoneBurner user Richard Witter

Richard Witter

PhoneBurner is AWESOME!!

“Amazed at how much more efficient I could be and the time saved using PhoneBurner. It syncs with my Salesforce and updates the activity history reducing the need to go back and manually enter notes. HUGE timesaver! A big shout out to Henry who helped in getting my account set up and Jeff for the one-one training. Great staff!”

PhoneBurner user Lee Bennett working at Vivial

Lee Bennett

Great tool to increase productivity

"This app truly helps inside sales reps attempt to reach 50+ leads in an hour. Our sales team loves the automated emails and the activities being logged for them. From an admin standpoint the maintenance is simple. Nice to have an app you can actually calculate an ROI."


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How do I set up the Salesforce dialer integration?

To set up the integration you’ll need both a Salesforce and PhoneBurner account. Next, find PhoneBurner on the AppExchange and install the app. Salesforce will walk you through some permissions and settings selections to complete the install. Once installed you can immediately start dialing from within Salesforce. Our team is here to help.

How do I dial from the Salesforce CRM?

Simply select contacts from the Contacts or Leads module of Salesforce. Then click the PhoneBurner button to launch the dialer. Connect using any phone or through your browser with our softphone.

How does PhoneBurner work?

PhoneBurner power dials contacts, leaves voicemails (no need to wait for the beep), sends 1-click emails based on call outcome, logs calls, and automates post-call workflows. You reach up to 80 contacts per hour, maximizing talk-time rather than task time.

Is activity automatically logged in Salesforce?

Yes. PhoneBurner syncs with Salesforce so call activity, notes, call outcomes, and other activity is automatically logged in your CRM.

Do contacts hear a delay before I start speaking?

No. Connections with PhoneBurner are 100% delay-free. The experience for contacts is the same as if you dialed them by hand.

Is any special equipment needed?

None at all. Make calls from anywhere using any phone. You can also connect with your browser and a headset with our softphone.

Does PhoneBurner have a free trial?

We sure do. No credit card needed. Start your no-obligation free trial today, and watch your outbound productivity soar.

Make impactful sales conversations. Close more sales deals.

100% free trial. No credit card needed.