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Training new salespeople

10 Tips for Training New Salespeople

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Training new salespeople

Getting new hires ready to sell isn’t easy, even if they have plenty of experience.

You can’t have training stretch on too long, as that’s a waste of money. But you also need to put your new salespeople in the position to succeed.

Today, we’re going to give you ten important tips on training new salespeople.

1. Shorten the Duller Parts of Training

Will your new salespeople sit through hour-long lectures or training videos? Yes. And their attention will wane after 20 minutes, tops.

For training where people will naturally stop paying full attention, cut it down to only the key points.

2. Get Them Comfortable with Your Software Immediately

Your salespeople will learn a lot on the job, but they need to be able to use your software like the back of their hand. Make that a focus, and consider having them learn that first.

3. Have Them Shadow Live Calls

The best way to learn is to listen to sales calls in action. Have new salespeople shadow experienced members of your sales team to see what they’re learning in action.

4. Assign Partners

It helps new salespeople when they have someone to turn to for support. Having a go-to person makes people feel more comfortable asking questions and raising concerns as well. Pair new members of your team with your seasoned vets to help them adjust more quickly.

5. Provide Simpler Sales to Start

Selling is challenging to begin with. Having to learn the intricacies of technical products or varied product lines can be overwhelming. So if you have simpler products or services to sell, start your new salespeople with those.

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They’ll develop more quickly when they aren’t thrown into the deep end right away.

6. Show Them How to Look Up Information

Answer a new salesperson’s question, and they’ll turn to you every time they have one. Show them where they can find answers themselves, and you’ll develop self-sufficient salespeople.

7. Avoid Information Overload

If you give new salespeople too much to remember, they’ll be stressed and probably only retain bits and pieces of what they were taught.

You’re better off starting them off with the basics, and then letting them learn more as they go.

8. Set Expectations and Goals

New sales reps need to know what’s expected of them. Set reasonable expectations and goals as they relate to both effort and output, so new hires have a target to work towards. This will ensure they are self-driven and focused on results.

9. Monitor Performance

Use analytics tools and call recordings to see how new salespeople are doing. Make sure you pay attention not just to their results, but their process and skill-set as well. You’re sure to find areas that are in need of improvement.

10. Use Follow-up Training When Needed

Nip problems in the bud before they become bad habits. That means setting up additional training when a new salesperson needs it. This is monitoring performance and gauging challenges is so important.

Wrapping Up 10 Tips for Training New Salespeople…

Improving your sales training will make the process more efficient and better prepare new hires for their first sales calls. To recap, here are ten ways to better train new salespeople:

  • Trim duller parts of training down to the key points.
  • Make sure they can use your software.
  • Let them listen to live calls.
  • Give every new salesperson a more experienced partner.
  • Start everyone slow.
  • Give them the tools to find the answers to their questions.
  • Don’t overwhelm them with information.
  • Set reasonable expectations from the start.
  • Track how they’re doing.
  • Provide additional training for any weak areas.