How Unishippers Quadrupled Call Volume Productivity With a Power Dialer Without Hiring More Reps

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What is a Power Dialer?

How Do Power Dialers Improve Sales Performance?

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Is a Power Dialer Right For You?

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Is increasing productivity important to you? Have you ever thought, If I could boost my team's sales performance, I could dominate my industry? The solution to your dilemma may be as simple as: Use a power dialer.

Your power dialer can take what you’re already doing and supercharge it. If you’re connecting with 100 prospects per day now, your power dialer will enable you to reach up to 300 more prospects.

Your power dialer can give you the productivity output of a much larger sales team without hiring anyone new.

Better yet, unlike other dialer software, a power dialer offers increased efficiency without decreasing the quality of live interactions. Because there is no awkward pause or delay when your prospects answer the phone, every one you call with think you dialed them by hand.

In this post, we’ll show how PhoneBurner’s Power Dialer feature has helped companies from various industries to blow past their sales objectives.

What is a Power Dialer?

Before we discuss how a power dialer can revolutionize your sales strategies and processes, let's first define it. 

A power dialer is a dialing software that makes it easy for a salesperson to call more leads. It quickly places calls from a list of your choosing. In the event that the lead doesn't answer, your salesperson can use PhoneBurner to quickly leave a voicemail or email (or both) instantly, while dispositioning the call.

Power dialer window

That same click can also record a note or tag, move the contact to a new folder and more, while immediately moving on to the next call.

PhoneBurner's power dialer automates the workflow for your sales agents so that they handle leads more efficiently. This makes follow up so much easier.

Our power dialer is online and cloud-based. It runs in the browser of your choice (such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox). As long as you have an internet connection and a telephone, headset, or microphone and speakers, you're able to use our power dialer. It works the same at home as it does in an office environment.

Learn more about our power dialer here.

How Do Power Dialers Improve Sales Performance?

Let’s take a look at how actual customers use our power dialer to boost their success, starting with UniShippers.

Unishippers, a third-party logistics shipping company, has over 2,000 employees and has generated over a billion dollars in sales. When it came to sales, one of Unishippers’ biggest problems was qualifying leads. Getting leads was easy, but moving them through the sales funnel was difficult. Sales call reluctance was also an issue because sometimes the hardest part of cold calling is simply forcing yourself to dial the number - again and again.

Because PhoneBurner requires just one call at the beginning of the dial session, it keeps your foot on the gas as you move from call to call. As such, our power dialer fundamentally changed how the Unishippers sales team tackled calls. 

Before using our power dialer, Unishippers’ account executives were able to make a respectable 50 calls a day. But after using power dialer, they were able to make exponentially more calls—more than 200 calls per account executive per day. 

With PhoneBurner, Unishippers was able to substantially increase their revenue. Their sales staff is also happier and less reluctant to cold call. Automated lead distribution also increased productivity and saved time for team leaders. 

Unishippers’ VP of Sales Kevin Biagi shares, “I would absolutely recommend PhoneBurner to anyone looking to increase their revenue, increase sales, increase activity, and create a better systematic process or approach.”

Learn more about Unishippers’ story here.

More PhoneBurner Power Dialer Success Stories

There are many more success stories like Unishippers, with customers experiencing increased productivity leading to higher revenue and a bigger market share. Check out the results of these other companies who've successfully used PhoneBurner's Power Dialer to dominate in their respective industries.

Fizber Boosts Productivity 40% Using Our Power Dialer

Fizber, an online real estate listing service for home sellers, has been able to use PhoneBurner to reduce inefficiency that detracted from selling. Before PhoneBurner, Fizber’s sales team struggled with an inefficient workflow. Sales and data teams needed to coordinate with each other, but the process was clunky. Calls were placed manually, and voicemails, too, which took a lot of time. (Every second adds up; over the course of a week, a team could easily lose hours just waiting for the voicemail to pick up.)

When Fizber turned to PhoneBurner, they immediately changed their workflow for the better. Within the first two months, Fizber saw productivity skyrocket by 40%. Processes also changed. The data team is now able to upload leads directly to PhoneBurner without coordinating with the sales team first. This way, sales agents can open up the power dialer and blaze through their list of calls. No need to dial manually and no need to record the same voicemail over and over again.

Agents can now have, on average, 100 live conversations each day.

 “The support team is awesome. Phoneburner is definitely a wonderful and integral part of our company,” shares Melissa McKeever, VP of Sales and Customer Relations for Fizber.

Learn more about Fizber’s story here.

Red Spiral Investing Triples Sales Call Volume Within 30 Days

Red Spiral Investing is another company that experienced fast, dramatic results. 

As a real estate investment firm that specializes in wholesaling, Red Spiral had a need to connect with both sellers and buyers. Staying on the phone is a key ingredient to their success as a business. With other dialer software, the Red Spiral sales team capped out at 7,000 calls per month, which was shy of their target. This halted their productivity and slowed their ability to generate revenue. 

Without finding a way to increase revenue and streamline the sales process, Red Spiral Investing faced an uncertain future.

That's when Red Spiral started using PhoneBurner. The sales team made use of our power dialer's standout features, including automated lead distribution, leaving SMS messages and one-button voicemail drops. The result? The Red Spiral team went from 7,000 calls to nearly 20,000 each month without hiring new members. Red Spiral tripled their productivity by using PhoneBurner's power dialer.

“Sometimes I forget that you guys are a separate company. I’m not even joking. It’s just a perfect integration,” shares Red Spiral's sales manager JT Smith III.

Learn more about Red Spiral Investing’s story here.

Is a Power Dialer Right For You?

Wondering whether you can also achieve results like these? One of the hallmarks of the PhoneBurner system is how easy it is to customize to any unique sales process. We have an ever-expanding list of case studies that show how our customers have used our power dialer to grow their business. You could be next.

Start your free trial with the PhoneBurner power dialer here.

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