3 Valuable Lessons to Take from Sales Success

John Greene

April 9, 2024

6 min

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We’ve talked a lot of sales failures and rejections.

Just last week, we gave you 3 reasons why you should embrace rejection.

But what about the other side of the coin? What lessons should you take from success, and more specifically, sales success? While it's easy to focus on the financial benefits... it's important not to lose sight of what success can actually teach you.

That's how you can make success, last.

Today, we’ll outline 3 important lessons to take from sales success. Take them to heart and they can help you stay on top when you’re crushing it... and get you of out of the rut when you’re struggling.

1) Ego is the Enemy

As we gain success, our ego can inflate.

Confidence is great – but you must walk the line between confidence and an unhealthy belief in your own importance. Once you go from confident to arrogant, things can start to turn sour.

Ego can leave you believing that you can stop learning... that you don’t need feedback because you know what you're doing. Ego can make you complacent.

As Ryan Holiday says...


“Confidence is based on what is real—it is earned. Ego is based on delusion and wishful thinking—it is artifice. Confidence doesn’t alienate us from others. On the contrary, it allows us to relate to others better—because it has removed insecurity and fear from the equation.”


Don’t allow your ego to take over. Be aware of it’s presence and the delusions it can lead you into.

2) Embrace the Impermanence of Everything

Here’s a fact of life: All things come to an end.

Even when you’re on a hot streak and you’re hitting on all cylinders, you can’t stay hot forever. At some point, you’ll hit a rough patch (even if it’s just a short one).

Allow yourself to acknowledge and accept this truth. Understand that things won’t always be the same – you won’t always feel like you’re on top of the world.

Enjoy the success, but don’t get attached to it. Don’t allow it to seep into your identity. By taking this approach, you’ll put less pressure on yourself and your successful streaks will often last longer.

A helpful thought is, “This is amazing, but I know nothing is permanent, and I’m okay with that. I'll continue to push toward more success.”


3) Attitude is Crucial

When we’re having success, our attitude tends to be very positive. And that helps us continue to do better. It gives us momentum.

But when we’re failing or struggling, we often forget this works both ways. We tend to focus on obstacles and excuses, despite the fact that a positive attitude is can help us break out of the slump.

Success and failure are both great teachers. What lessons do you take from success or failure to help you continually improve?

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