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Orum vs. PhoneBurner

Orum and PhoneBurner both deliver more conversations. But what about conversation quality? Unlike with Orum, every PhoneBurner conversation starts naturally. No awkward connection delays. No abandoned calls.

Customers report getting the same output, with a fraction of the calls.

And that's only the beginning…

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How do PhoneBurner & Orum stack up?

Get more features and automation to maximize your lead value

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Min users






Delay-free connections

No dropped calls

Supports TSR compliance

CRM Included

Branded Caller ID

1-click Voicemails




Email automation

Email tracking

Lead Distribution

Multi-step cadences

Call coaching


Listen only




Use case


B2B only

With PhoneBurner, it's all built-in

Nurture leads from first contact to closed deal, at scale

Power dialer

Engage more contacts in quality conversation - no awkward connection delay

Workflows on autopilot

One click can log the call, send email & text, apply notes and tags, and much more

Sales CRM

Manage contacts and communications with ease, plus integrate with 150+ tools


Boost exposure with SMS, even trigger texts based on call outcome

Lead distribution

Boost speed-to-lead, and get leads to reps at the right time, automatically

Reporting & Coaching

Drive decisions with data, plus monitor and coach your team in real time

Number monitoring and relationships with top carriers

Remediate flags & boost connect rates

Concerned about answer rates? Wasted lead spend? Our Carrier relationships and holistic approach to number health make a world of difference. Our experts can even remediate flags and optimize answer rates for you, to drive better engagement and outcomes.

Multi-channel outreach: voice, text, and email

Blend voice, text, and email

There's no emailing in Orum. No SMS either. PhoneBurner helps reps engage via multiple channels ‐ all at once. Reach more contacts. Get more replies. Have higher-quality conversations. And watch pipeline engagement soar.

Automate workflows and dial more leads

Streamline soul-sucking workflows

Reduce minutes of post-call workflows into a mouse click. One button can log the call, send an email, send a text, add a note, apply a tag, update the folder, set a follow-up call (and more). Orum just logs the call.

Distributing leads to agents through custom rules

Intelligently distribute leads

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Automatically distribute leads according to custom rules, and create lead pools so reps can log in and start dialing. Our proprietary software even redistributes unworked leads, so good opportunities don't fall through the cracks.

Creating multi-touch cadences

Create multi-touch cadences

Thoroughly nurture leads from initial call to closed deal. Repeatable multi-touch sequences ensure reps hit leads quickly, re-engage consistently, and nurture thoroughly. Win back lost opportunities and steer more deals to the finish line.

PhoneBurner's key integrations

Build deep, custom integrations

A few check-the-box CRM integrations can only take you so far. Imagine seamless workflows. A tech stack that works in perfect harmony. Our world-class team helps make this dream a reality, so you can ROI faster, and grow unencumbered.

PhoneBurner's US based custoemr serivice team

Beyond the product

Our customers tell us we provide some of the best support they've ever experienced. From US based phone support 14 hours a day, to free onboarding, to dedicated Strategic Account Management, our team is an extension of yours.

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