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Remote work: How to adapt and still be productive

How to work remotely and be productive

Remember when your boss told you that you couldn’t work remote because they couldn’t support it? Yet, here we are.

When it comes to remote work, people tend to fall into one of three categories: You’re already experienced working in or running a remote team; you’ve worked from home on occasion but it’s not the norm; or you’re new to this whole work at home thing.

No matter which category you fall in, things feel particularly chaotic at the moment. As more coworkers, customers, and families are living and working at home, everyone is wondering the same thing: how can I possibly stay sane, productive and professional while homeschooling 3 kids, dealing with roommates, cooking and cleaning, or battling umpteen other distractions. Read More…

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Gatekeeper script: A proven way to turn gatekeepers into advocates when calling executives

Getting past the gatekeeper script by Greg Woodward

Raise your hand if you’ve ever called an exciting new prospect and couldn’t get past their assistant. 

This is a reality for any sales person making cold calls and it’s frustrating — you’re so close to getting in the door, yet so far.  This struggle between salespeople and gatekeepers has occurred for decades.

Entrepreneur and corporate strategist Greg Woodward, whose expertise in outbound is favored by many of the fastest growing companies and largest private equity firms, has a solution. Read More…

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Sales call reality check: You’re wasting up to 72.38% of prospecting time

Wasting time on sales calls

It’s 2020.  A new year, a new decade.

Sales people everywhere (myself included) are wondering: with more communication methods, product research efforts, and purchases moving online each year, is the sales call going the way of the dinosaur?

Actually, no. Not even close.

In fact, Hubspot found that “sellers who prospect agree the phone is [still] essential, including cold calls.” 

And there is a lot of data to back that up. Read More…

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5 ways to prepare for an important sales call or meeting

prepare for a sales call

If you’re cold calling a lot of leads there’s just so much preparation you can do for each call.

Sure, you should invest time and money into generating targeted and qualified leads, but it may not be feasible to prepare for every call until you’re further down the funnel.

Once you get there, preparation is key.

The value of your prospect is now higher. You’ve already invested effort to get where you are today. So, what can you do to put your best foot forward? Read More…

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Why Silence Can Help You Make MORE Sales

awkward silence in sales calls

Did you know it takes just four seconds of silence before most people start squirming?

Count it out: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Silence may be golden in some circumstances, but it’s downright uncomfortable in others. And that’s precisely why it can be such an effective asset when cultivating a sale.

If you want to have deeper conversations, extract more information, and boost your close rate, it’s time to get close and personal with that awkward silence. It just might hold the key to your sales success. Read More…