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How to Be More Interesting in Conversation: 6 Tips

Are you interesting in conversations?

To be an effective salesperson, you have to be adept at having conversations.

You want to be someone people want to talk to. Not the salesperson they want to avoid or get off the phone with.

Some of that is effective sales technique. But it’s also about just being good to talk to. Relatable. Trustworthy. And interesting.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of conversation opportunities in the life of the average salesperson. Much of it falls outside of work. Read More…

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8 Common Causes of Sales Slumps, and How to Avoid Them

8 Causes of Sales Slumps

It’s something nearly every salesperson dreads – the slump.

Sure, they happen to everyone. But when you’re in the middle of one you find yourself questioning everything, fearing how long it might last, and wondering what you can do.

We’ve written before about ways to end a sales slump as well as quotes that might help you out of a slump by giving you some perspective. But why do slumps happen in the first place? And what can we do to avoid them (at least some of them)? Read More…

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Why Sales is Such a Smart First Job in Business

sales, the best first job in business?

Your first job in business probably won’t be the one you have for your entire career. It’s possible, but statistically unlikely.

However, what you learn at your first job will stick with you and shape you forever.

Starting off in sales is a very wise choice. It teaches skills that will serve you well in any business path (or any other path for that matter).

So today, we’ll cover reasons why sales is one of the best first jobs for launching a successful business career. Read More…

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9 Foods to Supercharge Your Focus and Help You Crush it in Sales

Foods for focus and sales performance

Sales success has a lot to do with strategy and mindset.

Naturally, both of those topics get a lot of attention.

But a great skillset doesn’t take you very far if you’re not feeling good physically.

To perform up to your full potential in a sales job, you need to feel awake and alert, and that means eating right.

The food and drink choices you make can have a big (and underestimated) impact on daily performance. That’s why today, we’re covering nine foods that can keep you energized, and supercharge your focus! Read More…

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What to Know Before Hiring Recent College Graduates as Sales Reps

hiring college grads for sales

Every year, a new pool of college graduates joins the workforce.

If your sales team has one or more openings, it’s wise to consider a promising recent graduate who can grow with your company.

Naturally, it’s tough to know who will make it. Most recent grads have little, if any, sales experience.

But, it’s also true that everyone starts somewhere. And today’s pool of grads is full of tomorrow’s sales superstars. They’re also enthusiastic, open to guidance, and brimming with ready-to-be-realized value. Read More…