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14 Cold Calling Tips to Increase Your B2B Sales

Cold Calling Tips To Increase Your B2B Sales

Cold calling is right next to root canals on most people’s list of fun things to do. Who really wants to get rejected by strangers—repeatedly? Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, cold calling probably isn’t your favorite way to generate new leads. But here’s why cold calling matters: It’s quick, cheap, and wildly effective if you do it correctly. 

Think about it. Read More…

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5 Tips for Developing Your Outbound Sales Strategy

Outbound Sales Strategy

Did you know that companies who said cold calling is dead experienced 42% less growth1 than those who said it was alive and well?

So many companies have become obsessed with inbound sales and have abandoned the old faithful model of outbound sales. After all, going out and hunting for your leads the traditional way is harder than attracting them to you. 

Or is it?

While it’s true that outbound sales strategies such as cold calling and direct mail campaigns require more effort from your sales team, that doesn’t necessarily mean those are harder to do. By developing a solid outbound sales strategy that maximizes your unique resources, you can improve your team’s productivity AND make more sales — faster.  Read More…

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11 Ways to Increase Sales Call Center Conversions

How to Increase Sales Call Center Conversions

Did you know that only 3% of people trust sales reps? Ouch! No wonder outbound sales can be so rough.

Even if your call center has all the right components to make sales and increase your revenue: a quality sales team, a product that you know will be useful to your target audience, and you and your team are motivated to close more deals, you’re still likely struggling with a dismal conversion rate. Read More…

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4 Sales Tactics to Adopt and 4 to Abandon in 2020

Any salesperson worth their salt will tell you the only tactics that matter are the ones that produce results. Just let data (and integrity) be your guide.

Anything likely to get your team making more sales or conversions is worth trying, and anything weighing your team down or driving customers away needs to be cut loose.

As customers grow wearier of old-school sales techniques, the key to making more sales is, ironically, to be less sales-like. Read More…

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How to maximize the value of sales discovery calls

sales discovery call tips

This guest post is by Sujan Patel.

A sales discovery call is often the point in the sales process where your prospect internally decides whether they’re going to buy or not.

This is likely the first time they’ll have spoken with you at length, so it’s essential to get what you need out of the call while also making a great impression. 

Remember, you want them to leave the call feeling like you’re genuine, have plenty of expertise, and have an authentic desire to help them. Read More…