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The Importance of Software Integrations for Modern Businesses

Every modern business runs on software.

In fact, most businesses use multiple software tools every day to meet their objectives. And while the introduction of software has simplified business management and made it easier to scale and reach more customers, it’s also led to inefficiency. Ironically, the same tools that can make your job easier can also make it more complicated. 

Your business can get bogged down by using too many software tools. Read More…

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The 12 Best Sales Books to Read (and How to Apply What You Learn)

best sales books

Your skills may become obsolete, or dated, faster than you think.

Skills needed for sales, success, and professional growth are rapidly changing. Said another way, the skills you possess today may lose relevance before you know it.

According to one survey, people in sales and other vocations, such as software engineering, marketing, and law, expressed a need to redevelop their skills every 12–18 months.  Read More…

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STIR/SHAKEN: The 10 Most-Asked Questions at PhoneBurner

In June 2021, the Stir/Shaken Revolution to implement caller ID authentication to combat spoofing and robocalls officially went live. 

These new regulations are good news for businesses who are engaging in legitimate call campaigns and follow up. 

That means your business can look at these new regulations as a help, not a hindrance. In reality, this gives you a clear path toward higher live answer rates and a way to have more live conversations.  Read More…

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The Account Executive: What They Do and How to Prepare for the Role

Account executive in live meeting with customer

If you’ve worked in sales or marketing, you’ve probably heard the term “account executive” from time to time. Yet despite its widespread usage, not everyone is entirely aware of what the role entails, much less the required skills and responsibilities.

In this guide, we share four things about account executives:

  1. What is an account executive
  2. What do they do
  3. 6 skills account executives need
  4. How to prepare for the role

Let’s dig in!

What Is an Account Executive?

In the most basic terms, account executives are normally responsible for building new relationships with prospects, while maintaining and growing relationships with existing ones.  Read More…

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What is an Outbound Call? 6 Best Practices for Outbound Calling

outbound call center office

When it comes to generating more revenue for your business, outbound calling is a tried-and-true tactic that can pay serious dividends.

Outbound calling can produce new leads, re-engage older leads, and nurture existing relationships. There are countless opportunities to turn outbound call campaigns into sales, and it’s a relatively efficient and cost-effective method to boot.

In this post, we’ll explore exactly what outbound calling is, and how to optimize your approach to outbound calling to bolster your results. Read More…