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Aloware vs. PhoneBurner

Choosing between Aloware and PhoneBurner? Are you an existing user looking for an Aloware alternative? PhoneBurner helps customers multiply touchpoints, and get to live conversations faster. Plus, users love our 100% US-based support and best-in-class ease of use.

Like Aloware, PhoneBurner is a cloud-based dialer that helps reps engage with more leads in less time. But take a look under the hood and key efficiency differences emerge. PhoneBurner's infrastructure powers not just phone and SMS outreach, but email as well. Get deeper workflow automation with custom dispositions, 1-click voicemails, 1-click emails, and automatic lead distribution.

Another difference? A robust CRM and more integrations means greater flexibility to fit your process and tech stack. We welcome all size teams, from 1 to 100+, with free onboarding, and no contracts.

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Aloware vs. PhoneBurner

How PhoneBurner and Aloware stack up

Work leads faster and better, and transform your lists into more revenue

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Power dialing


Email automation

Email tracking


DNC.com integration

No user minimums

5 seat minimum

100% US-based support

PhoneBurner features that put outreach on overdrive

Transform task-time into talk-time for a more engaged pipeline

Power dialer

Make 60-80 calls per hour and have up to 4x more conversations.

Workflows on autopilot

Leave voicemails, send emails, log calls and automate workflows in one click.

Sales CRM

Effortlessly manage contacts and communications, create smart call lists, and more.


Boost exposure with SMS - during dial sessions or directly from their contact record.

Lead distribution

Automatically deliver leads to the right agents, at the right time.


Monitor calls and call outcomes in real time, for everyone on your team.

A delay-free alternative to predictive dialers

Serious voicemail time-savings

Over 70% of calls go to voicemail. PhoneBurner leaves pre-recorded voicemails in one click. Unlike with Aloware, that same click can also send an email for a powerful one-two punch that increases callbacks and replies.

Automate workflows and dial more leads

Blend talk, text, and email

There's no emailing from Aloware. PhoneBurner, however, delivers actual omni-channel outreach with phone, SMS, and email. All at once. Trigger an email for every call outcome without any extra time or effort. Get notified when contacts click links, open attachments, and watch videos. Then strike while the iron is hot and close deals faster.

Dialer integrations including Salesforce

Sayonara soul-sucking workflows

Let's face it. After a call ends, there's much for reps to do - applying notes and tags, sending emails, scheduling callbacks, moving contacts in the CRM, and more. What if all that could be done instantly - with one click - while logging the call? This core PhoneBurner feature isn't available with Aloware. Save reps time while ensuring leads are thoroughly worked. Win-win.

Aloware alternative with affordable pricing

Intelligently distribute leads

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Automatically distribute leads according to custom rules, and create lead pools so reps can log in and start dialing. Our proprietary software even redistributes unworked leads, so good opportunities don't fall through the cracks.

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