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Are you searching for a practical, powerful, and affordable alternative to CallFire? PhoneBurner is the secret weapon used by thousands of direct sales pros to get better results, in less time. Our cloud-based power-dialer lets you make calls from anywhere! Speak only to live leads. Automatically send emails and voicemals to the rest. Sort, edit and manage contacts with ease. PhoneBurner – faster results, no drudgery.

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Take our free trial and discover an alternative to manual dialing that powers the efforts of thousands of direct sales pros. With PhoneBurner, you’ll reach up to 447% more contacts without working harder. Plans start at just $67.50/month and cap out at just $149 for unlimited usage.

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“Just this morning, I completed over 100 calls in about an hour and a half. I’m amazed at how much faster my calling goes! Before PhoneBurner, this would have taken me days – if not weeks – to complete. PhoneBurner is a “must-have” for anyone serious about building their business!”

Jason P.

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