Schedule more appointments and interviews, in less time

Get to conversations faster

Effective recruiting hinges on getting good candidates on the phone. PhoneBurner helps HR and sales professionals burn through 60-80 contacts per hour.

No "telemarketer delay"

Unlike with other recruiting dialers, candidates think you dialed them by hand. Calls start with promise (instead of hangups) and your reputation stays clean.

Brilliantly simple solution

PhoneBurner gets rave reviews for functionality and ease of use. Plus, get award-winning setup and support assistance from day 1.

Recruiting case study

See how PhoneBurner gives Cetera’s recruiters an edge over the competition: "I've already got my appointments booked today. I can do whatever I want."

Paul Baldovin headshot

Paul Baldovin

Recruiter, Cetera

How PhoneBurner simplifies staffing outreach

recruiting candidates to call

Increase live interactions 4x

Keep your team doing what they do best - building relationships with candidates. Get to live conversations faster, and build a bigger, more profitable pipeline. With PhoneBurner, recruiters stay fresh and focused from the first call to the last.

log calls and automate workflows image
custom disposition buttons

Streamline everything else

Leaving voicemails, sending emails, logging calls and managing follow-ups is important. But it’s slow and tedious. PhoneBurner handles these tasks for you with a click of your mouse so you can maximize touchpoints, minimize effort, and get hours of your day back.

recruiting/HR dialer reporting

Gain total outreach oversight

Trouble monitoring your team? No longer. From recordings and live listen-in to custom reports and real-time leaderboards, PhoneBurner gives you the tools you need to track every call and call outcome - even if your team works remotely.

High praise from happy clients

Paul Ganem headshot

Paul J. Ganem

BDM/Mortgage Recruiter

Exceptional addition to my recruiting arsenal

If you’re a recruiter who dials day in and day out, you should try it. I dial 75+ new people per day… the extra time has allowed me to focus on my pipeline of business. It’s a 'must have'.

Gregory S. headshot

Gregory Scott

CRC, Inc.

My first night I doubled my appointment sets

I left 101 voicemails, reached 35 people & scheduled 19. The goal in the office is to schedule 10 per day. No one has asked what I’m doing different, I'm just always #1 on the days I work.

Pati K headshot

Pati K


I'd rate it a 10 out of 10

My firm is a recruiting firm and PhoneBurner is essential. It speeds up the process of talking to people and trying to introduce them to new opportunities. It’s very efficient for us, and we’re getting great responses back.

Recruiting dialer software features

2 dialing modes

Go fast, or really fast with "pause and preview" or "power" dialing

CRM included

Or integrate with 1000s of top CRMs and apps

Advanced filtering

Create smart, targeted call lists in seconds, or automatically

Instant connections

No connection delay means calls start with promise, not hangups

1-click voicemails

No need to listen to the entire greeting

Multi-channel outreach

Blend phone, email, and SMS outreach to maximize touchpoints


Logs calls, activities, and outcomes and automates post-call workflows

Smart lead distribution

Automate distribution of leads according to custom rules

Powering 2+ million monthly conversations

Farmer's Insurance, PhoneBurner client
Unishippers, PhoneBurner client
Move, PhoneBurner client
Lifestyle Publications, PhoneBurner client
Re/Max, PhoneBurner client
Keller Williams, PhoneBurner client.

Place more candidates. Get your day back.