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Reach more candidates with our HR/recruiting dialer

Effective recruitment efforts depend on getting good candidates on the phone. PhoneBurner’s recruiting dialer helps HR and sales professionals increase calls, live conversations and callbacks.

Our dialer streamlines repetitive and time-consuming tasks so agents spend their time talking to candidates. Configurable buttons can drop voicemails, send emails based on call result, move prospects to different folder, add to a do-not-call list, and much more. Unlike other dialer software you’ll hear every prospect say “hello” – reducing hangups and increasing outreach success.


Increase productivity up to 400%

Log in from anywhere, use any phone

No awkward pauses, no dropped calls, no connection delays

Create a library of pre-recorded voicemails you can drop in 1 click

Increase live answers with our Local Caller ID feature

Use our intuitive CRM, or integrate with your own

Intelligently distribute leads to your recruitment team

Custom reports help you track recruiting outreach & productivity

Setting up our recruiting dialer software is simple

  1. Just load and select your leads.
  2. Pre-record voicemails and write follow-up emails if desired.
  3. Make one call into the PhoneBurner bridge using ANY phone.

Our software will co-pilot your dial session from beginning to end – at a pace of up to 80 leads per hour. Reach voicemail? Drop a pre-recorded message in one click. When job candidates answer live, just talk normally. After a call is complete, one click dispositions the call and performs a set of actions (ie. automated emails, notes, tags, folder movement, do-not-call). PhoneBurner is highly customizeable to fit your company’s recruitment process.

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  • Easy to setup and use
  • Completely customizable
  • Trusted by thousands

“PhoneBurner has been an exceptional addition to my recruiting arsenal. If you’re a recruiter who dials day in and day out, you should try it. I dial 75+ new people per day… the extra time has allowed me to focus on my pipeline of business. It’s a ‘must have’.”

Paul J. Ganem

Paul J. Ganem

BDM/Mortgage Recruiter

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