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Make "call time" faster and more effective

Fundraising? Getting out the vote? Do it faster and get better results with minimal setup. Our easy-to-use software makes "call time" up to 4x more productive.

  • Reach 60-80 supporters per hour
  • Have up to 4x more live conversations
  • Drop voicemails in seconds
  • Send 1-click emails
  • Boost engagement with SMS

PhoneBurner handles repetitive tasks like dialing, leaving voicemails, sending follow-up emails, and logging calls. You're free to focus on what matters - talking to supporters and collecting contributions.

The PhoneBurner difference

Unlike other software tools, your supporters won't know you're using a dialer. Conversations start naturally (no awkward pause) as if you dialed every contact by hand. That means fewer hangups, warmer conversations, and bigger donations.

Fundraise from anywhere

PhoneBurner's flexible, cloud-based platform meets the needs of any size operation. Login from anywhere. make calls using any phone or your browser. No special equipment is needed. Whether you're dialing alone, hosting a spontaneous phone bank, or calling on remote volunteers, PhoneBurner is a perfect fit.

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Easy to set up. Easy to use. And affordable too. Candidates and campaign managers trust PhoneBurner because it delivers results.

Call time software

Up to 70% of call time is wasted

It's true. Between organizing donor call lists, reaching voicemails, logging calls, and sending follow-up emails, up to 70% of political fundraising time is wasted. Our system handles repetitive tasks, so you're fast, organized, and fresh as a daisy from first call to the last.

Load contacts or integrate
with 100+ apps

Record voicemails and
create email follow-ups

Create smart lead lists for
your team to call through

Start dialing with ease and

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