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The SMS statistic you can’t ignore

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The SMS statistic you can’t ignore

Want prospects to see your messaging? Try texting. Studies show that 98% of texts get seen by the recipient. When you consider that roughly 70% of phone calls go to voicemail, and 80% of emails don’t get opened, it’s no wonder text message marketing has become such a critical component of outbound.

Break through the clutter with SMS. Get more exposure for your promotions and brand, and drive callbacks and response rates even higher.

Text right from the dialer window

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Text right from the dialer window

With PhoneBurner, texting and dialing go hand in hand. Send a text message directly from the dialer window to compliment call and email communications. Reach voicemail? Text your contact that you got their voicemail and to call you back, or check their email for your proposal. Talk to your contact live? Text them that it was great to connect, and remind them of your upcoming appointment. The opportunities are endless.

Or, from the contact record

PhoneBurner maintains your entire inbound and outbound text message history with each contact. Open any contact record to view your thread, see replies, and send new text messages as needed.

Instant alerts, one inbox

send text messages to sales leads with dialer with SMS/Text

Instant alerts, one inbox

When you receive a text message, we’ll notify you in your back office and send you a real-time alert via email. All of your exchanges are neatly organized in your SMS inbox just like on your smartphone.

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