STIR/SHAKEN Is Changing The Future Of Phone Calls

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STIR/SHAKEN Is Changing The Future Of Phone Calls

On average, 54% of all phone calls received are uninvited spam

How Spam Became The Norm

America is the 8th most spammed place in the world

  • Spammers make roughly $375 per American
  • In 2020, phone scams costs Americans $10 billion
  • 46% of Americans receive spam every day

In 2020, Americans received nearly 46 billion robocalls

  • 175,699,527 per day
  • 122,014 per minute
  • 2,034 per second

Spoofing Is Crushing Reputable Businesses

Scammers can spoof real phone numbers for more convincing spam

  • Extremely cheap
  • Difficult to trace
  • Impossible to police

Spoofing lead to a proliferation of robocalls

  • In 2017, “neighbor spoofing” became a common tactic of scammers
  • By 2019, robocalls had nearly doubled
    • 2017: 30.5 billion
    • 2018: 47.8 billion
    • 2019: 58.5 billion

To combat spoofing, phone carriers established spam algorithms

  • Unfortunately, many reputable businesses are flagged as “scam likely”
  • Thousands of business calls are incorrectly flagged as spam every day

What causes legitimate businesses to be flagged as spam?

  • Spam Algorithms: Detect high volume of calls and automatically flag it
  • Complaints: Complaints submitted by call recipients (some are false)
  • Lead Blocking: Frustrated with high call volume and/or no voicemail
  • Unknown Caller: Ignored calls are more likely to be flagged as spam

Over 90% of people don’t answer calls from unknown numbers — STIR/SHAKEN will restore trust in phone communications

The STIR/SHAKEN Revolution

New Regulations Combat Robocalls

TRACED Act, March 2020: Requires voice providers to implement a robocall mitigation program

STIR/SHAKEN, June 2021: Implements caller ID authentication to combat spoofing and robocalls

All service providers are expected to follow these standards:

How It Works

  • Business places an outbound call
  • Phone carrier sends number for authentication
  • A verification mark displays if call originates from a verified source.
  • Attestation levels give higher trust
    • A (Full): Customer & number verified
    • B (Partial): Customer verified but not number
    • C (Gateway): Call origination not authenticated

The Benefits

  • Callers validate their right to use a number
  • Verified businesses enjoy increased call delivery
  • Verification can impact Reputational Analytics

Improve Your Reputation (by Validating Your Identity)

  • Submit your FCC business verification form for accreditation
  • Have your number validated by a professional company
  • Don’t use your number for unverified purposes
  • Monitor your numbers to check for red flags
  • Nurture opt-in lists to maximize responses

PhoneBurner is designed to maximize trust, touchpoints, and conversations

How PhoneBurner Is Increasing Sales

PhoneBurner is a cloud-based power dialer and sales acceleration platform

  • Fully supports compliance with STIR/SHAKEN
  • Helps your business attain A-level attestation quickly and easily
  • Boosts calling efficiency without sacrificing customer experience
  • No dropped calls or awkward pause at the start of each call
  • Blends phone, email, and SMS to turbocharge outbound productivity

Getting started with PhoneBurner is easy, fast, and efficient

  • No complicated setup
  • No upfront fees
  • No ongoing contracts

Call with confidence.

Choose PhoneBurner for the STIR/SHAKEN revolution.