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PhoneBurner Software

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Are you looking for an effective and affordable alternative to Five9? PhoneBurner's power dialer is the brilliantly simple way to make up to 500 calls a day – without working any harder. With our cloud-based rapid-dialer you just choose your contacts, click a button, and go. There's no manual dialing. If you reach a live contact, work your magic. If not, you can automatically leave a pre-recorded voicemail and/or send an email. Next!

Load your prospects into
our contact manager.

Record and leave voicemails and
create email followups

Sort and choose the
contacts to call

Begin dialing with utter
ease and efficiency

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“216 live answers in 675 minutes!”

“I’ve used PhoneBurner for 675 minutes… had 216 live answers… left 363 voicemails and PhoneBurner automatically sent 674 corresponding emails! The efficiency and effectiveness of PhoneBurner is producing a big increase in my marketing site activity, call-backs and results!”

Ralph Y.

Freedom. Productivity. PhoneBurner.

Finally, there’s an alternative to manual dialing that’s simple, affordable and convenient. PhoneBurner gives you everything you need to multiply sales productivity, without working harder.

  • Dial up to 80 contacts/hour
  • Leave voicemails and send emails in one click
  • Track email opens, attachment views, link clicks
  • Manage contacts and streamline workflow
  • Intelligently distribute leads
  • Access powerful reports & analytics
  • And much more

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