Book more meetings in less time

Power dial from anywhere

Call 60-80 contacts per hour using any phone. With crystal clear audio and no “telemarketer delay” every call starts with promise.

Streamline repetitive tasks

PhoneBurner dials for you, drops voicemails, sends emails, and coordinates follow-ups, so you get to conversations faster.

Track important KPIs

Our appointment setting dialer logs calls and outcomes automatically, saving you hours of time, while delivering total transparency.

Appointment setting case study

Milestone boosts calls 4x and demos 2x with PhoneBurner: "It turned my 2 reps arguably into 4 reps."

Joe Morford headshot

Joe Morford

Head of Inside Sales, Milestone Inc.

Why appointment setters swear by our dialer

appointment setter dialing from home

Great for remote work

PhoneBurner is built to meet the needs of WFH reps and remote teams. Reps can access leads in seconds, make calls from anywhere, and even transition from phone call to Zoom room. Admins can manage and monitor their entire team as if they’re in the same office.

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Stay focused on high-value activities

When it comes to appointment setting, conversations drive results. Unfortunately, too much time is wasted on low-value repetitive tasks. Our dialer handles those tasks with the click of a button, maximizing both talk-time and booked appointments. Win-win.

support team

Award-winning support

What’s better than a platform that’s easy to use? Access to a 100% US-based support and onboarding team that loves to help. Get fast, friendly help customizing your system so you hit the ground running and generate ROI fast.

Get PhoneBurner and get results

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Hector Montalvo


Turn over every rock in your database

One person can make these calls and schedule close to 400 appointments per month.

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Gregory Scott


My first night I doubled my appointment sets

No one has asked what I’m doing different. I'm just always #1 on the days I work.

Features of our appointment setting dialer

No-per minute fees

Blaze through 60-80 contacts per hour, with unlimited dialing

Cloud based

Dial from anywhere, using any phone, without hardware or headaches

Instant connections

No awkward pause means contacts think you dialed them by hand

1-click voicemails

Save 30-60 seconds every time you reach voicemail

1-click emails/SMS

Send emails and SMS based on the outcome of any call

Smart call lists

Intelligently filter and distribute leads to save time and boost results

Call tracking

Automatically log calls and outcomes, with custom reports for total transparency


Get world-class support from 100% US-based support and onboarding team

Simple setup

Our user-friendly appointment setting software is easy to use and ROIs fast

Powering 2+ million monthly conversations

Farmer's Insurance, PhoneBurner client
Unishippers, PhoneBurner client
Move, PhoneBurner client
Lifestyle Publications, PhoneBurner client
Re/Max, PhoneBurner client
Keller Williams, PhoneBurner client.

Set more appointments. Take your day back.