Give your campaign an edge

Make more calls, in less time

Get more done with the same team. Reach up to 80 contacts per hour, per rep, and have more conversations. All with no per-minute charges.

Get more "yesses"

Instant no-pause connections means every contact will think you dialed them by hand. So calls start with promise, not hangups.

Be up and running fast

Your staff and volunteers can be raising money and generating results, from day 1. Make calls from anywhere, with no downloads or installs.

Political dialing case study

Public Service Partners multiplies call volume by 2x for both veteran and volunteer dialers: "PhoneBurner has been great for us in so many ways."

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Keisha Carter Brown

Principal, Public Service Partners

Simplify outreach, boost output

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Engage more voters in productive conversations

PhoneBurner is smart political dialing software that boosts fundraising and get-out-the-vote initiatives. Unlike other dialers, there’s no awkward pause after the contacts answer. That means up to 4x more conversations, each one personal and full of potential.

Log calls and automate workflows in one click
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Eliminate tasks and automate tracking

PhoneBurner handles repetitive tasks you get through voter lists, fast. Our software dials for you, leaves 1-click voicemails and emails, and automatically logs calls and call outcomes. Get the visibility you ned to ensure you’re hitting goals and outpacing your opponent.

Call time volunteer

Finally, a political dialer that’s easy to use

Campaign managers love that our dialier is easy to set up and use. Staff and volunteers, can dial from the office, or remotely, using any phone. Launch same-day, with leads intelligently flowing to agents as they log in. Our award-winning support team is here to help.

What political clients are saying

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Political Director

Perfect for contacting large numbers of voters

I used PhoneBurner to run a paid phone bank program for a State Assembly race… two things that I liked most about PhoneBurner was the Customer Service and Value of what we were getting for what we paid.

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Principal, Public Service Partners

Clients are doing 50 calls an hour

If i dial, I get up to 70. I’ve trained seniors on this system, I’ve trained young people. It’s been very, very easy for anyone to learn. It’s really helpful when you have clients that won their race and come back to you every couple of months.

Features political teams love

Unlimited dialing

Reach up to 80 contacts per rep, per hour.

No delays

Hear your prospect the second they pick up.

One-click emails

Send 1-click emails based on call outcome - great for fundraising!


Dispositions log calls and automate post-call workflows.

Access anywhere

Cloud based. Staff and volunteers can make calls remotely.

1-click voicemails

Leave pre-recorded voicemails, saving you 30-60 seconds each time.

Smart scripts

Scripts dynamically update to include supporter's name, location, etc.

Custom reporting

Monitor productivity and performance with real-time and custom reports.

Powering 2+ million monthly conversations

Farmer's Insurance, PhoneBurner client
Unishippers, PhoneBurner client
Move, PhoneBurner client
Lifestyle Publications, PhoneBurner client
Re/Max, PhoneBurner client
Keller Williams, PhoneBurner client.

Reach more supporters. Win your campaign.