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PhoneBurner’s political dialer is built for campaign success

PhoneBurner is smart political dialing software built to meet the unique needs of political campaigns. Our platform helps election staff and volunteers to reach more constituents, increase fundraising, drum up support, and improve get-out-the vote campaigns.

Campaign managers love our political dialer because it’s easy to setup and use. Your account can be fully customized and ready to make calls today. Staff and volunteers love it, because they can just log in and start dialing pre-loaded political leads with ease. Delay-free connections minimize hangups and ensure conversations are meaningful and productive.

Reach up to 80 contacts per hour!

Cloud-based, dial from anywhere

No delays. Hear your prospect the second they pick up

Drop pre-recorded voicemails in one click (no need to wait for the beep!)


Send 1-click emails based on call outcome – great for fundraising

Dial from local Caller IDs to increase live answer rates (optional add-on)

Smart scripts update automatically with lead’s name, city, etc.

Monitor productivity and performance with real-time and custom reports

How our political dialer software works

With PhoneBurner, there’s nothing to download, nothing to install, and no special equipment needed. Agents can log in from any computer and make calls from any phone – mobile, landline, or our VOIP smartphone. One call into the PhoneBurner bridge is all it takes. Then PhoneBurner starts dialing your selected leads, one after another, at a rate of 60-80 contacts per hour. When a contact answers, the agent can begin speaking immediately. Contact details and scripts are at their fingertips, and they can disposition each call and automate post-call workflows in just a few clicks.

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Why PhoneBurner?
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  • Completely customizable
  • Trusted by thousands

“I used PhoneBurner to run a paid phone bank program for a State Assembly race… two things that I liked most about PhoneBurner was the Customer Service and Value of what we were getting for what we paid.”

Benjamin S.

Benjamin S.

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