Build a team of quota crushers

Power through call lists

Keep agents focused on high-value sales activities. PhoneBurner handles repetitive tasks so reps reach 60-80 contacts every hour.

No-delay connections

Want better conversations and fewer hangups? Unlike other telemarketing dialing systems, every contact will think you dialed them by hand.

No dropped calls

Avoid the risk of costly TSR (Telemarketing Sales Rule) penalties for dropped calls – which do not occur with our TCPA-friendly software.

Telemarketing case study

See how CC Capital Group streamlined and scaled their operation. "We’re making 250 to 300 calls per day, per agent."

Viralkumar Shekhalia headshot

Viralkumar Shekhalia

VP of Operations & HR

Advantages of our telemarketing dialer software

smart lead distribution

Automatically distribute leads

PhoneBurner gives you unrivalled control over your most valuable asset. Create shared lead pools or define custom rules to intelligently deliver leads to your team. Agents can log in from anywhere and start dialing in seconds.

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custom disposition buttons

Replace tasks with talk time

Eliminate distractions and multiply conversations. PhoneBurner handles repetitive tasks like leaving voicemails, sending emails, logging calls, and performing post-call workflows so outreach is faster, easier, and more profitable.

woman looking at telemarketing reports

Never wonder about performance

Visibility and accountability are critical to success. From call recording and live listen-in to custom reports and real-time leaderboards, PhoneBurner gives admins the oversight needed to keep agents motivated and crushing quota.

High praise from happy clients

Laurie Davis headshot

Laurie Davis

Davis & Associates B2B Telemarketing

As many calls in 1 hour as I used to make in 5

Having used many different dialing systems, I can unequivocally and objectively endorse PhoneBurner. Its simplicity, features, reliable and clear connections, and versatility have placed it as the #1 sales tool in my arsenal.

Timothy Raduenz headshot

Timothy Raduenz

Systems Administrator, MiLend

A fantastic experience

We were able to get our new telemarketing team up and running on the day they arrived, and they are now making hundreds of calls every day! Our users love the platform and we cannot say enough about it!

Features that improve telemarketing results

Unlimited dialing

Say goodbye to per-minute fees, and hello to 80 calls per hour

1-click voicemails

Leave pre-recorded voicemails, saving you 30-60 seconds every time

Instant emails & SMS

Send 1-click SMS and trackable emails based on call outcome


Log calls, activity and outcomes automatically

Call transfer

Seamlessly transfer calls to other agents or closers

Sell remotely

Agents can make calls from anywhere, with any phone or our softphone

Setup support

Get award-winning US-based support and onboarding from day 1

Simple and scalable

Easy to set up and scales up or down according to your needs

Powering 2+ million monthly conversations

Farmer's Insurance, PhoneBurner client
Unishippers, PhoneBurner client
Move, PhoneBurner client
Lifestyle Publications, PhoneBurner client
Re/Max, PhoneBurner client
Keller Williams, PhoneBurner client.

Reach more leads. Generate more revenue.