Sales Stats #1 – Best Month and Season for Sales Calls?

John Greene


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Average Answer Rates Overall

Answer Rates by Season

Answer Rates by Month

How does the calendar affect sales call success?

Is there a best month or season for getting live answers?

We looked at over 4 years of historical data to determine how seasonality affects sales call answer rates. Looking at a set of 11,766,338 dials from January 2011 through April 2015, here's what we discovered...

Average Answer Rates Overall

The average answer rate was 13.53%. So for more than 8 out of 10 sales calls, you should expect to reach a voicemail or a bad number.

Key takeaway?

Have a great voicemail script (or recording) and well thought out emails to engage contacts that don't result in a live answer. Effective communications for reaching this massive segment of non-answers can have a dramatic impact on your overall success - as well as increase the chance of a live answer on subsequent attempts.

Answer Rates by Season

Best season for sales calls

Here's how the seasons stack up for average pickup percentage:

  • Winter (December - February): 14.28%
  • Spring (March - May): 13.99%
  • Summer (June - August): 12.85%
  • Fall (September thru November): 12.55%

Winter reigns by a narrow margin over spring, and registers a nearly 14% improvement over the worst season, fall.

There is a potential correlation here to the amount of time people are spending inside, where they are more likely to answer a call.

Answer Rates by Month

What is the best month for sales connections?

Here's what happens when we dial in a little more and look at monthly averages...

best month for sales calls
  • January: 15.63%
  • February: 14.90%
  • March: 15.20%
  • April: 14.28%
  • May: 12.48%
  • June: 12.45%
  • July: 13.44%
  • August: 12.67%
  • September: 12.41%
  • October: 12.33%
  • November: 12.90%
  • December: 12.30%

Despite falling during the best season for sales calls, December actually registers as the worst month overall. January, the month with the best answer rates is good for a 27% increase in pickups over December.

The first quarter of the year is clearly supreme. Otherwise, there's surprisingly little variation between the remaining months... other than July perhaps, which registered a noticeable uptick.

What are your takeaways from the data above? Which months are typically the best for sales in your line of work? Let us know in the comments below?

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