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Sales Stats #2: Best time of day for sales calls?

The best time of day to make sales callsIn the first installment of our Sales Stats series, we looked into whether there’s a best month (and season) for sales calls, based on answer rates.

Today, we’re going to dive into our numbers again and look at answer rates throughout the day. Is there a best hour for cold calls? Is there a block of time that’s best if you have a few hours to invest making dials?

According our data spanning over 4 years and over 11 million outgoing calls, the answer is yes to both.

Let’s look at the numbers…

Answer rates by hour

answer rates by hour of day

Notes: All times are in relation to the person being called, not the caller. 6AM represents the complete hour from 6AM to 7AM.

  • 6AM: 2.31%
  • 7AM: 3.73%
  • 8AM: 11.84%
  • 9AM: 14.09%
  • 10AM: 15.53%
  • 11AM: 14.95%
  • 12PM: 13.53%
  • 1PM: 14.41%
  • 2PM: 15.01%
  • 3PM: 14.44%
  • 4PM: 14.07%
  • 5PM: 12.58%
  • 6PM: 12.39%
  • 7PM: 12.59%
  • 8PM: 11.81%
  • 9PM: 12.09%

Conclusions: When to make sales calls

Best hours of the day: Our data shows that the most productive hour to make cold calls is 10AM, with 15.53% of calls being answered. That’s nearly 8% better than the second best hour, 2PM, which registered 15.01%.

Worst hours of the day: Clearly 6AM and 7AM earn that distinction, offering very little value where live answers are concerned.

Other notably inferior times include 8AM (you’ll get a 43% increase in answer rates at 10AM), and following 5PM, though these evening hours can still prove quite productive.

Best blocks of time: Clearly, the best time to make cold calls is during the few hours leading up to 12PM, and the hours just after 1PM. Lunchtime seems to interfere, albeit modestly, with answer rates so the noon hour is the best time to take a break of your own when you’re really looking to optimize efficiency.

Many sales professionals recommend making cold calls first thing in the morning to reduce pressure and enhance productivity throughout the day. That advice is well supported by our data, as long as you don’t start too early. The ideal block for morning dials falls between 9AM – 12PM.

When it comes to afternoon dials, the earlier, the better.

We’d love to know hot this data compares to your personal experience.

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  • Melissa Harte-Rorabaugh

    I’ll give it a try!

  • OK, what industry are these stats from? In industries where the decision maker is usually always out on the field, this will flat out fail.

    The best time to call is when you pick up the phone (or open up the phoneburner in this case)

  • These stats were compiled from system wide use, spanning over 4 years and 11 million+ outgoing calls… and intended to give “general guidance” to our readership. Thanks for pointing out that the best time to call for certain industries… may vary.