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  • Power Dialer helps you reach up to 80 people per hour.
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  • Send emails based on the outcome of each call.
  • Call from anywhere – our platform is cloud based!
  • Manage, sort, and upload contacts with ease and flexibility.
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Prospects will never know you use PhoneBurner.

If you’re looking for a powerful, affordable alternative to Mojo Sells and the Mojo Dialer – look no further. Thousands of mortgage and sales pros turn to PhoneBurner because our Mojo Dialer alternative is virtually invisible to prospects. No “hello? hello?” delays. Clear call quality. Custom caller ID records. Basically seamless dialing and follow-up at about 4x the speed. Take a risk-free test-drive of our platform today!

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“An Awesome System.”

“PhoneBurner® is an awesome system that I use to call my realtor list quickly. It allows me to leave a message if no one answers, saving me a lot of time!”

Deborah De Silva

Mortgage Agent

How does it work? Very well actually…

1. Load your leads

2. Record voicemail

3. Select contacts

4. Start selling!

PhoneBurner is a Mojo power dialer alternative that makes it a snap to upload and categorize your leads. Then simply record a voicemail, compose emails, and even create custom “disposition sets” to define the outcome of each call. Then sort and search your contacts, select the ones you want to dial… and you’re ready to sell!

Trusted by thousands of direct sales professionals.