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The #1 dialer for BPO (business process outsourcing) firms

As a BPO service provider, your clients look to you to perform a wide range of services efficiently and cost-effectively. The more productive your outsourcing talent, the greater the value you provide. That's why so many BPO firms use PhoneBurner to power their outreach.

Our cloud-based dialer helps your agents make more calls, in less time. You'll increase output 3 to 4 times - without installs or special equipment of any kind. PhoneBurner understands that BPO companies run multiple campaigns for different clients. Our software helps you keep projects and campaigns separate, provides custom reporting, and makes it easy to get the right leads to the right agents, automatically.


Reach contacts up to 4x faster

Cloud-based, nothing to install

Hear contacts say “hello” - no awkward pauses or delays of any kind.

Reach voicemail? Drop a pre-recorded message in seconds.


Send personalized, 1-click emails based on call outcome

Manage, tag, sort, and search contacts in smart ways for improved outreach

Log calls automatically. Get robust reports and analytics.

Setting up BPO sales and call campaigns is easy

Get expert help setting up your account and call campaigns with one-on-one onboarding. Admins can give agents access to specific leads, set up shared lead pools, or intelligently route leads to one or more agents.

The dialer is completely customizable as well. Everything an agent needs is right at their fingertips - including scripts, contact info, appointment calendar and more. Custom buttons can leave voicemails, send emails, log calls, tag contacts, move them to new folders and more - all based on the outcome of each call.

See how much more productive your BPO agents or call center can be with a 100% free trial.

Why PhoneBurner?
  • Free to try (no credit card)
  • No contracts
  • No setup fees
  • No per-minute charges
  • 4x productivity
  • Completely customizable
  • Trusted by thousands

"It is a night and day difference. My reps were making 100 calls per day. Now they're doing 250 to 300. We use PhoneBurner for many different clients and this was the only software that worked for our complex setup. Customer service has been amazing."

Kumar S., PhoneBurner user

Kumar S.

VP of Operations & HR

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