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How our debt collection dialer increases revenue

Getting debtors on the phone is often a big challenge. PhoneBurner’s collection agency dialer helps agents have more live conversations, collect more debts, and automate post-call processes.

PhoneBurner power dials up to 80 contacts per hour. Unlike other debt collection dialers, there’s no annoying pause at the start of the call. Agents hear each contact say “hello” and can begin speaking immediately. Depending on the call, PhoneBurner can drop a voicemail, move a contact to a new folder, add a note or tag, and more – in ONE click. Agents spend less time on repetitive tasks, and more time collecting debts.

Up to 427% more contacts per hour

Cloud-based. Dial from anywhere.

No dropped calls. No awkward pauses. Dramatically reduced hangups.

Leave voicemails in one click

Integrate with your CRM, or use ours to manage contacts with ease


Pay month-to-month without contracts or setup fees

Track each agent’s productivity and perfomance with custom reports

Setting up our collection agency dialer is simple

You don’t need any special equipment to use PhoneBurner. There’s nothing to install or download. Agents can log into our cloud-based software from anywhere, and use any phone – mobile, office line, or VOIP softphone. One call into PhoneBurner’s bridge and our software takes over – dialing pre-selected leads in succession. Configurable button sets automate post-call workflows for significant productivity gains. PhoneBurner is highly customizable yet easy to use. Try it today!

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Why PhoneBurner?
  • Free to try (no credit card)
  • No contracts
  • No setup fees
  • No per-minute charges
  • 4x productivity
  • Completely customizable
  • Trusted by thousands

We have had great success in easily ramping our SDR’s up through the dialer. Scripts, automatic voicemails and emails have worked to increase our contact ratios. The customer support has been amazing…”

Shawn Boheme

Shawn Boheme

PanTerra Networks

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