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Looking for phone banking software to power outreach, fundraising, or a political campaign? No matter what kind of phone outreach you’re doing, PhoneBurner is guaranteed to deliver more, and higher quality conversations. Our dialer produces 100% delay-free connections – so calls start off with promise instead of hang-ups.

PhoneBurner is cloud-based, so it’s perfect for both a physical call center or a virtual phone bank. Agents can log in from anywhere and make calls using any phone or our VOIP softphone. No installs and no special equipment needed. Admins love the ease of setup, smart lead distribution, and elegant reporting. Agents love the1-click voicemails, automated workflows and call logging.


Reach up to 4x more contacts per hour

100% cloud based. Nothing to install.

No off-putting pauses or connection delays

Leave a pre-recorded voicemail message in one click

Distribute leads to agents intelligently and automatically

Call recording and detailed reporting help admins track performance

Unlimited dialing. No contracts. No per-minute fees. No setup fees.

Setting up a phone banking campaign is easy…

Simply import leads into PhoneBurner that you wish to call. Agents can search and select leads prior to dialing, or the admin can create a lead pool that agents can pull from according to customizeable rules. To begin a dial session, an agent makes just one call into the PhoneBurner bridge.

Everything phone bank agents need is at their fingertips. Scripts, contact info, appointment calendar and configurable buttons to handle time-consuming tasks. Agents are fresh and focused on live conversations while PhoneBurner handles everything else.

What are you waiting for? Setup and unlimited dialing are free during your truly free trial!

Why PhoneBurner?
  • Free to try (no credit card)
  • No contracts
  • No setup fees
  • 4x productivity
  • Completely customizable
  • Trusted by thousands

“I used PhoneBurner to run a paid phone bank program for a State Assembly race… two things that I liked most about PhoneBurner was the Customer Service and Value of what we were getting for what we paid.”

Benjamin S.

Benjamin S.

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