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Call center dialer software agents actually love to use

PhoneBurner’s call center dialer software gets rave reviews from call center managers and agents alike. Our cloud-based software powers thousands of clients and sales campaigns, while giving admins the transparency they need to drive consistent results.

Agents love the dialing experience, which is completely delay-free. No off-putting pauses. No dropped calls. Just clear instant connections that lead to productive conversations. Configure the dialer to streamline your sales process for even bigger performance gains. One click can leave a voicemail, send an email, move a contact to another folder (or another agent), and more.


Reach up to 4x more leads per hour

No installs. 100% cloud based.

No “telemarketer delay” so calls start off with promise, not hangups

Leave voicemails in one click

Automate lead distribution with our LeadStream feature

Monitor agent performance with call recording and detailed reporting


No contracts. No setup fees. No per-minute charges!

Customize your call center dialing campaigns

PhoneBurner is completely customizable to fit your sales process. Configurable buttons handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks – like voicemails, emails, contact management, call logging and more - so agents just focus on live interactions.

Physical call center? Virtual call center? Our cloud based software fits both. No special equipment is needed and agents can log in from anywhere. Agents can select their leads using our advanced search platform, or admins can intelligently deliver leads to agents as they come online. With one call into the PhoneBurner bridge, our platform co-pilots each dial session for massive performance wins.

Get a free trial of our call center dialer software, and enjoy award-winning support from day 1.

Why PhoneBurner?
  • Free to try (no credit card)
  • No contracts
  • No setup fees
  • No per-minute charges
  • 4x productivity
  • Completely customizable
  • Trusted by thousands

“I’m with a small start-up where we need to increase our customer base rapidly… PhoneBurner has allowed us to increase the amount of calls our BDRs can make dramatically. We love how easy the platform is to use and how you can build your own automation buttons”.

Dan Komm, PhoneBurner user.

Dan Komm

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