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When it comes to raising money, the telephone is still a very powerful tool. PhoneBurner’s fundraising dialer software makes the process faster, easier and more effective. Our platform streamlines repetitive and time-consuming tasks so agents spend their time talking to live prospects. And unlike other dialers, contacts won’t know you’re using software. There are no dropped calls or awkward connection delays – so calls start off on the right foot.

Whether you employ volunteers or full-time staff, your agents will love dialing with PhoneBurner. It’s highly customizable to fit your sales process, easy to setup, and easy to use.

Dial between 60-80 leads per hour

Cloud software, dial from anywhere

Dramatically reduce hangups with 100% delay-free connections

1-click 1-click voicemails – no need to wait for the beep

Use our CRM, or integrate with whatever you use today

Intelligently distribute leads to your team with LeadStream

Custom reports help you monitor agent performance metrics

How our fundraising dialer software works

PhoneBurner is highly customizable and intuitive to use. There's nothing to install. And no special equipment needed. Agents log in from anywhere, and make calls from any phone. Just upload and choose leads, set the caller ID and place one call into PhoneBurner's bridge. Configurable buttons streamline time-consuming processes including voicemail, email, call logging and more – so agents focus on talking to donors and raising money!

PhoneBurner keeps detailed contact records, and makes it easy to follow-up – for highly effective fundraising and charity campaigns. Start your free trial of our fundraising dialer today.

Why PhoneBurner?
  • Free to try (no credit card)
  • No contracts
  • No setup fees
  • No per-minute charges
  • 4x productivity
  • Completely customizable
  • Trusted by thousands

“PhoneBurner is super easy to use and has a ton of amazing features. Anyone can log in and easily pick up how to use this system. Email follow up, custom lists, no delays when calling, tons of customizable features. Customer support is top notch.”

Karen Brown

Karen Brown

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