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PieSync syncs data between PhoneBurner and the apps you love

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Simple 2-way sync

Example of a Piesync integration

Simple 2-way sync

PieSync is the smart, easy way to sync contacts from your favorite cloud apps with PhoneBurner’s dialer and sales acceleration platform. Setup is seamless and no developer is needed.

Call 60-80 contacts per hour

automate your workflow and communications

Call 60-80 contacts per hour

Boost call volume and conversations up to 4x across your team. Contact records are updated automatically so data is accurate across platforms without additional work.

Streamline workflows and follow-up

dialer with sms text messaging

Streamline workflows and follow-up

PhoneBurner leaves voicemails, sends emails based on call results, records notes and tags, and more. Keep your team engaged in high quality live conversations, instead of busywork.


Maximize quality live interactions with PhoneBurner

Omni-channel outreach

PhoneBurner blends phone, email, and SMS to ensure leads are thoroughly worked, with less effort.

Unlimited dialing

Get unlimited power dialing with no per-minute fees. Use any phone or our softphone to make calls.

No awkward pause

You know that off-putting delay other dialers are infamous for? Yeah, that is never an issue with our delay-free dialer.

Local Caller IDs

Dial from local area codes, and get up to 56% more live answers.

Instant voicemails

Tired of repeating the same voicemail over and over? Leave a perfect voicemail in 1 click, without waiting for the beep.

Custom dispositions

Send emails based on call outcome, log calls, notes, and tags, move contacts, and more - in a single click.

Total visibility

Custom reports and call recordings give admins the visibility they need to hold reps accountable.

Ramps quickly

Our software is renowned for it’s easy setup and ease of use. We get rave reviews from admins and reps alike.

Secure syncing

Set up a sync in minutes, and have secure, accurate data across platforms and devices in real-time.


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PhoneBurner user Robert D.

Robert D.

Triple your calls in the same amount of time – amazing app

“I am a mortgage professional and this tool helps me to maximize my efforts in a third of the time. The integration works very well… I was able to integrate and set up easy myself. Love the tool.”

PhoneBurner user Kelsey L.

Kelsey L.

If you’re not using PhoneBurner, you’re burning money

"I am amazed every time at the dials I am able to get through with this software. It's one of the best finds we've ever made."


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When should I use PieSync?

Use PieSync when you want contact data to be continuously syncing between PhoneBurner and another app. You can configure which contacts are synced and which are not.

How do I set up an integration using PieSync?

Start by linking your PhoneBurner account with your CRM or other app. Next, you’ll define custom connection rules for mapping contacts, folders, and fields between the two platforms. No coding or development is needed, and support is always available if you need it.

How many contacts can I call per hour?

Our users average between 60-80 calls per hour. PhoneBurner will handle the repetitive tasks and workflows so more of your time is spent talking to live prospects.

Can PhoneBurner call outcomes initiate any automations in my CRM?

Yes, using folder movements and tagging in PhoneBurner, you can initiate other processes in your CRM based on call outcomes in PhoneBurner.

Will contacts hear an awkward pause after answering?

No. Connections with PhoneBurner are 100% delay free, so you’ll hear contacts say “hello” and can start replying immediately. That means fewer hangups, more high quality conversations, and more opportunities.

Do I need any special equipment to make calls with PhoneBurner?

Nope. PhoneBurner is cloud-based. There’s nothing to download or install. Make calls from any phone - landline, office line, mobile phone, or even just your browser and a headset.

How do I get started?

Create an account to start your no-obligation free trial today. Our team can help you sync your favorite tools to ours so you can get more done, in less time.

Make impactful sales conversations. Close more sales deals.

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